Branding You Dot Com

There needs to be a lot more importance placed on branding yourself, You Dot Com, for today’s online marketer. Many entrepreneurs and network marketing reps or distributors fail to see the value and importance of it.

Top 3 Social Media Tips

Top 3 Social Media Tips for Gen Xers and Babyboomers I do a lot of networking and visiting with people every week. They find out I’m “in social media” and are, quite frankly, excited, even desperate, to have some time with me. From these experiences I see that there is so much need for social […]

Do Not Let Age Be a “Thing”

No longer does I DON’T KNOW HOW apply to you, the 50 plus entrepreneur or business owner. There’s this thing called THE INTERNET and if you haven’t heard of it you’re living under a rock. Every answer you could possibly need is there. If you don’t understand the answer you’re given, then you NEED ME.

Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories; Why You Don’t Need to Choose

Why You Don’t Need to Choose Between Snapchat and Instagram Stories Hello my fabulous friends of the Internet, today I’d like to talk about… THE GREAT DEBATE That is, Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories. First, things first, I truly don’t believe there is a debate; I think that EVEN THOUGH these two platforms appear quite similar, […]