Changing Reality

My reality has been brutal in 2014. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t kept a smile on and a great positive mental attitude, but even with all of that, my reality sucks and needs changing!

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How to Avoid a Life of Mediocrity

How to Avoid a Life of Medocrity Well friends, this is another SUPER personal postΒ today, but I share these things with you only because I KNOW I can help uplift, inspire, motivate … if even just one person. So, my story today is all about mediocrity and how I was raised to be mediocre. Yup,…

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How a Very Bad Day turned into a Very Big Lesson

Life is full of learning lessons, if we allow them.

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How to Start Your Day Right [INFOGRAPHIC]

I’ve SEEN the impact of how starting the day right can make SUCH a huge impact on every area of life!

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How to Achieve Change in Your Life

I think the best part of personal development is when we recognize our failure is actually learning. Each uncomfortable and awkward and expensive experience is a learning one.

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