How a Very Bad Day turned into a Very Big Lesson

Life is full of learning lessons, if we allow them.

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How to Start Your Day Right [INFOGRAPHIC]

I’ve SEEN the impact of how starting the day right can make SUCH a huge impact on every area of life!

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How to Achieve Change in Your Life

I think the best part of personal development is when we recognize our failure is actually learning. Each uncomfortable and awkward and expensive experience is a learning one.

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What Is Your True Purpose for Your Business?

I thought I knew, like, REALLY knew … until someone saw a disconnect in me, and started digging … and digging AND digging. She wouldn’t let up. And that’s okay, I’m GLAD she did otherwise I don’t think I would have figured it out on my own!

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How to ALWAYS have a Full and Satisfying Life

…taking risks every day, even in the smallest way: [for the entrepreneur] write that email, make that [appropriate] Facebook status, TALK to that person, make that phone call…do something that stretches your comfort zone every single day

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