3 Coping Mechanisms for Depression

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Today I want to serve you and talk about depression. So many people suffer…needlessly. I’m here to share my 3 coping mechanisms for depression.



The other day I Googled “most common problems of middle aged women” and I actually was shocked. 95% of what Google showed in that search was about depression. That kind of made me sad because I was hoping to see something like makeup or fashion or sex drive or something like that but no, it was almost all about depression. I wanted to address that because I’ve been there and some days I still am there.


Let me preface anything that I’m about to say with, I’m obviously not a doctor I’m just little Lorri sitting in my living room making a video and blog post for you and sharing my experiences with you, sharing my life with you.


I went through a severe depression late 90’s early 2000’s I was on some strong anti-depressant medicines for a very long time..for 7 years and I finally quit cold turkey after 7 long years. Life continued to evolve in different ways and I through these experiences I have learned so many lessons in the last few years. I’ve become so much wiser and so much stronger in many areas.


That being said, depression still seeps in from time to time and so I understand and I get it and what I want to share with you today some of my own personal coping mechanisms because I think for some people depression doesn’t necessarily ever completely go away…it still lingers in the background like crazy stupid gremlins that try and come out.


Therefore you need to learn how to cope with it and to almost embrace it, and that’s my first coping mechanism:


  • embrace it

    We are made the way we are made for a reason, everything about who we are and who you are is for a purpose so if having depression on a regular basis or a just every so often kind of basis, like it is with me, it’s simply part of who you are so embrace that and learn to make the best of it. I have embraced mine for this purpose right here, to be able to teach the lessons I’ve learned from it.


  • learn from it

    Can you improve yourself in some area because of how you’re feeling and how depression makes you feel. Also, is there something that you can, in turn, turn around and give back in some way to somebody else. When I can give back I know that changes the way I feel and depression is no longer an issue at that point in time.


  • project yourself beyond the moment

    Move beyond how you are feeling right now and project into a minute from now or an hour from now or tomorrow or next week or next year, when things can and will be significantly different. I quite literally stop myself, close my eyes and just breathe deeply and say Lorri “think forward, think forward”.


    Those are my 3 coping mechanisms for depression; embrace it, it’s part of who you are so stop fighting it. Embrace who you are just exactly how you are and at this stage of life, the middle of our life, there’s still so much we can do to improve ourselves but that won’t happen until you can accept yourself. Learn from it and give back, take yourself out of the equation and give to somebody else, whatever it is, the circumstances will present themselves. And then think forward. Put yourself into a place in your mind where you’re not feeling depressed and you’re not being depressed.


    Again, these are all just my own personal stories and circumstances that I’m sharing with you today. I never used to talk about the fact that I had depression; that I have depression. I’m learning to love myself and I hope and trust and pray that you will too, because ladies, we’re entering the second half here and there’s no time like the present, we never know what life is about to hand over to us so, every day is precious.


    With love & gratitude …
    Lorri transparent 11_edited-1



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