How to Add and Delete People on Snapchat


Have you ever wanted to just get rid of somebody off of snapchat but you’re not too sure how you may not even know how you got them there in the first place?

Today I’m teaching you HOW to Add and Delete People from your Snapchat friends list. I suppose if you don’t want them on your Snapchat any longer then perhaps they aren’t that good of friends in the first place, and DEFINITELY not people you want to watch as their lives progress, as that is something VERY easily done in Snapchat. I digress….

I do get asked about how to Add and Delete people on Snapchat quite a bit, so I thought I would make a tutorial for you. If you have found value in it and it made sense to you, please feel free to share it to others whom you think will find it useful.

I find that the Snapchat menu is pretty user-friendly, and you find it here…

add and delete on Snapchat

And you get to it here…

add and delete on Snapchat

Sorry, that one is kind of blurry, but you get the idea!

Once you are in the settings menu you can tweak things as you like, but to add and delete people from your Snapchat list you can see it’s pretty straight forward.

In the comments below let me know if this was helpful for you. Also, I’d love to know what else you’d like to learn about Snapchat, so that I can help you in the most useful ways possible!

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