Establish Yourself as an Authority Figure

establish yourself as an authority

How to establish yourself as an authority figure

Hey, you. Ya you. Entrepreneur. You want to grow your brand, your business, your “place” in Internet land? Then establish yourself as an authority figure that people are searching for. No one is stopping you. Except you. I know this because I do it to myself. Every single day. You got this. I got this! Let’s do it together!

Being an authority figure does NOT mean that you have it all figured out. What it does mean however, is that you are trying your best, working hard, hustling, learning, growing, developing your character and LIVING YOUR PURPOSE.

Are you living yours? Then you are indeed [should you allow yourself to be] and authority figure! Entrepreneurs all around this world of Internet land are looking for leaders just like you. Why not step up and see what happens? I know I’m going to!

This last week I had an amazing lunch with a new friend and she found out [even though I’ve desperately been trying to hide it] through her amazing strength and intuition that I truly don’t know my purpose….not really. I’m CLOSE, but have a little more digging to do till I truly land on that magic X on the treasure map of life.

So, entrepreneur, I KNOW how you feel, as I am there too. I intend to live out the rest of my entrepreneurial days as a true authority figure…and be proud of it. I believe you will be there too. Simply allow.

lorri ratzlaff