How to Eliminate the Compare Monster FOREVER

how to eliminate the COMPARE MONSTER forever

Eliminate the Compare Monster

Today’s blog post is not only a training, but is also an entry for Brendon Burchard‘s Expert’s Academy contest! WISH ME LUCK!

First things first though…my topic for today’s training video is how to eliminate the COMPARE MONSTER forever. This is a monster that hides in my life and sometimes (often?) takes over everything I’m trying to succeed at and accomplish! Sheesh, relentless little buggar!!

Compare or despair says John Lee Dumas from a Snapchat chat I had with “JLD” the other day! I am taking that to heart and learning, so I can teach. Sooooo, here are the 5 tips that you can use to SUCCEED at conquering the Compare Monster…FOREVER! I’m going to be using them too!

  • Focus on the things that are special about you; your life experience, your age, your story
  • Give yourself reminders on your greatness in and around your world; post it notes, pop up reminders on your phone, voice recordings Eliminate the Compare Monster
  • Surround yourself with people who need what you have to offer
  • LEARN from those who you compare yourself too but don’t LEAN on them…leaning leads to thinking that you don’t have what it takes; and you do
  • Be a constant student in order to be the best teacher possible; keeping your mind busy will keep your mind off of the compare monster

I hope you found some value in this…I know I’m going to start practicing these 5 Compare Monster exorcism activities TO-DAY! Once you’ve tried them, let me know how your journey is going in the comment section!

With love & gratitude …

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