Facebook Business Pages Update 2016 for Business Manager

Facebook Business Page Update 2016

Hello my friends of the internet, today I’m going to share with you about a recent update to Facebook business pages! Let me preface this by saying that not everyone has this yet; my understanding, based on conversations that I’ve had with other social media professionals, is that Facebook is rolling it out slowly. Let’s go over there now …

I am using my own Facebook page Making Sense of Social Media in today’s tutorial. It might look a little bit different because I use the Facebook business manager for my business pages.

Now, when you create a post you have new and different options; options such as get people to learn more; this option automatically attaches your website to whatever you’re going to write in the post which is so cool! You can write a text post and insert a picture and it automatically attaches your website! Get phone calls, get messages, help people find your business, create an event and even create an offer are all newly formatted in the way you create content on your business page.

I stumbled upon something else new; you can now tag products from within your shop, in photo’s! Thank you Facebook! You want to ensure that you have your shop set up with great imagery and links and prices and such. If you run an etsy shop or sell t-shirts online or anything like that, this will be ideal for you!

Ultimately, I just really wanted to point out to you the difference from what it used to be to what it is now. As a reminder, this update is for pages that are set up through the business manager. If you choose to add your page to the business manager and the experience is not what you thought it would be or feel it could be, because, to be very frank, it is a little bit tricky, you can always remove your page out of the business manager system. If you are a smaller page or perhaps a business page that you’re not considering ever using Facebook ads at all I wouldn’t necessarily recommend switching over to the business manager.

There really are a lot of benefits to the business manager though, so you have to weigh the pros and cons of what’s going to work best for you and your page.