How to Cross Post the Right Way on Social Media

How to Cross Post the Right Way

Today we’re talking how to cross post the right way on social media. This is one of my biggest pet peeves … and of course is entirely subjective. My goal is to help Make Sense of Social Media for you though, so this is what I know to be true about cross posting and promoting.

What I mean when I say cross posting on social media is, taking the same piece of content [i.e. blog post, video, quote image] and sharing it onto your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. [easily done through HootSuite…but beware]. Cross posting is in itself a very wise habit to create and or maintain, however, if you do it wrong and without a strategy you really risk damaging your social media reputation and potentially losing fans and followers.

Having LOTS of followers is no longer the ONLY thing that is imperative to successful social media marketing; in fact, I wonder how ultimately important the numbers really are anymore. What DOES matter is where those numbers are coming from; targeting your ideal audience and ensuring THEY are seeing your content. That is what matters most; and cross posting can help you to this end, but only if you do it the right way.

Here is an example of what bugs me the most, as I started off this blog post by saying this was one of my biggest pet peeves …

How to Cross Post on Social Media the Right Way

This is a Tweet by a reputable hotel company, local to  me; so let’s examine it, shall we?

First of all, the text itself indicates that not much thought has gone into who will be reading this Tweet. “Always a fun time” … where, when, over what, with who? What does this even mean? Lots of things are a fun time; there is no way for me to even remotely grasp what they are talking about. When describing something in a social media post, even if that is a link, ensure that the text on it’s own makes sense, as the likelihood of your link being clicked, ANY link, is very slim.

Second of all, this Twitter account is assuming that I will click that obvious Facebook link to discover what this fun time is about. What if I don’t care to, or feel like it? Chances are HIGH, to anyone who uses Twitter regularly, that they know this is a Facebook link and will potentially feel miffed or put off that the content creator is not creating content that is Twitter exclusive [or even relevant].

You may be thinking now, “but Lorri, cross posting effectively sounds like it takes more time and effort”, and you would be right. However, the long term gain from approaching this from a “who is reading my content” as opposed to “what do I want to say” standpoint is great, and worth the effort.

When you DO create great content on a daily or weekly basis, ensure that the scheduled posts [or unscheduled for that matter] are PER platform. Here are some pro tips for you:

  • use different visuals per platform; size them accordingly
  • use different hashtags per platform
  • use different descriptions per platform
  • learn what it takes, per platform, to keep your audience engaged

You may, in the beginning of this practice, spend a bit more time creating your posts to set this up properly, but in the end your readers and fans will KNOW you have laid out your content for THEM and not just a random “butter spread too thin on toast” approach of having your content potentially seen.

Just about every single time I see a******** post on Twitter I scroll right on past for I KNOW that the content creator simply  has a rule set up to Tweet every time a Facebook update is posted. Not all posts are created equally.

As a side note; I am by no means perfect, as I often post my Instagram pictures to my Twitter account, however, I ensure that the description, to the best of my ability, is still something that my Twitter followers want to engage with.

Know your audience, PER PLATFORM, know what they need and serve them the best you can. THAT is how you cross post on social media, the RIGHT way!

Facebook Engagement Tips for 2017

Facebook Engagement Tips for 2017

Today’s blog is about Facebook engagement for ’17! Some people say to me “come on Lorri, nobody uses Facebook anymore”, CLEARLY that’s not true as it is still the number one social network on the internet today.

A lot of people, me included, question how to get better engagement, so today we’re going to talk about some key elements for engagement on Facebook. I didn’t make this list up myself, I got this from the one and only Mari Smith who is in my opinion, and everybody else’s opinion, the Facebook Queen. She and the people from Buzzsumo came out with this amazing list, The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Engagement.

The facts that I’m going to share with you are based on an analysis that was done of over 800 million Facebook posts. They analyzed them and found what worked the best in 2016 and based their recommendations on those findings.

#1 Be Brief. They found that the posts that were under 50 characters had the most engagement. Therefore, share posts that have long[ish] links attached to them; share a really informative instructional inspiring educational blog post as opposed to just some little one paragraph something-or-other. They found that the blog posts or the articles that had one to three thousand characters were clicked on a lot more than most shorter articles. Something to keep in mind.

#2 Post during times that are considered off-peak. Peak times are around 6am, nine am, noon and again around dinnertime and sometimes 9pm; so basically the main times when people are either on their coffee break on their lunch break on their dinner break. That’s when people are scrolling through their phones and looking to be entertained, informed or merely amused. It was found that if you post outside of those times that engagement is higher, so that is something you may want to experiment with as well. If you have a business page on Facebook you can easily see when those peak times are in your insights.

Some further tips for content creation in 2017 on Facebook; VIDEO! You probably didn’t need me to say that because you probably already know that because you’re really smart! But, video is the way to go! Doing live broadcasts of course is really great, but also creating a video and uploading it directly to Facebook is very smart.

Another top content tip: create highly shareable photo content! Make it bright; make it something that attracts their attention! Use wild, crazy, interesting fonts and colours. Those types of things are what attract attention to your content.

You may want to test giveaways; you don’t necessarily have to spend money doing this, you can give away a service that you provide or perhaps you have samples of products that you sell that you can use for a giveaway.

Post a minimum of five times per week. I know for some of you that may sound like a lot, but if you are serious about marketing using Facebook, you are going to need to up the ante a little bit. I personally post on my business page at least once per day sometimes it’s up to three times per day; that creates awareness for your brand because of the consistency! As you can probably tell by now consistency is ridiculously important! Of those five posts per week make a lot of them video! Facebook live and creating videos and uploading them couldn’t be easier!

The last tip that I’m going to share with you today is, of the posts that you’re going to be doing make the majority of them educational and entertaining. There are a lot of people on Facebook and they are still searching for answers that, who knows, maybe you have the answer! Educate your fans, educate your audience, and talk about why your product does this or how your service improves their life in that way. It is really important not to just sell all the time; give them something of value.

There is a lot more to this article so I’m going to link that up so that you can read it for yourself. it’s really interesting you’ll find a lot more answers there.

Speaking of answers…I get a lot of questions every single day from people in the 50-plus crowd on how to use social media. I’m happy to announce that on Wednesday January the 11 @ 4 PM Pacific time I’m going to be hosting a webinar all about my new program called Gen X Social. If you are interested in learning more about Gen X Social, please click here. It’s going to be highly informational and because I’m hosting it, highly entertaining because if you know me at all you know I keep it pretty real.

So once again Happy New Year! Welcome to ’17! This is going to be an epic year for so many, I can just feel it! The buzz is high, the vibes are great, there’s so much opportunity to be had and social media is the vehicle that can probably get you to just about anywhere you want to go! So, if you need help with learning how to do, that come and join me on my webinar, it would be great to see you there!