The Truth About Anti-Aging

The truth about anti-aging…is that aging happens to all of us, but we can DO something about it. We can combat it with world-class products, clean eating and exercise. Why didn’t we think of this sooner?! 😉

Here is an excellent video that I shared on my Facebook page on the truth about anti-aging…please watch, like & share!

This Australian beauty blog has named the LUMINESCEâ„¢ cellular rejuvenation serum as one that “you need in your life!”.

“It uses exclusive patent-pending formula that helps to coax your skin back to a healthy, regenerative state. It transforms your skin by encouraging your body’s natural processes to produce more proteins like collagen and elastin, leading to more youthful skin.”

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Luminesceâ„¢ Serum
Luminesceâ„¢ Serum

And for those who REQUIRE instant gratification…hold on to your chair as this will blow you away! There is Instantly Agelessâ„¢ by Jeunesse Global.

This is what some EXTREMELY satisfied customers have been saying:

  • Very Good Product. It’s not permanent but it works. If you have bags or puffiness this will help!
  • I love it! It smooths out my fine lines & gets rid of the bags & dark circles under my eyes!
  • It really is a miracle. Awesome!
  • OMG amazing

That list goes on and ON from people who are SO happy and have been instantly gratified! The REALITY is however, it doesn’t always work for everyone, not on the first try often. Here’s a video I made on that subject…

The OPTIMAL way to use Instantly Agelessâ„¢ is as follows:

  • cleanse and moisturize with your skin care of choice (of course I recommend LUMINESCEâ„¢)
  • lightly pat a very thin layer of Instantly Agelessâ„¢ to targeted areas
  • leave damp on skin and remain expressionless for 2–3 minutes

There you have it, the truth about anti-aging from my perspective. We all get older, it’s inevitable. We don’t have to age though, and these amazing products from Jeunesse Global are going to keep me as young looking as I feel!

With love & gratitude …

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What I Never Knew I Always Knew

Here’s a story for you … I have wanted to be a network marketing superhero for OVER 20 years, but it hasn’t been until these last 3 weeks that I realized What I Never Knew I Always Knew. I was introduced to direct sales / network marketing back in 1992 and have been on and off; in and out ever since. Yup, that’s 23 years!! I just never stopped believing that the success I was seeking through this industry would happen one day for ME!

I’m NOT going to list ALL of the companies that I have been with, because that would be just downright embarrassing…however, I always knew, ALWAYS, that THIS was for me. This industry, this world…this way of helping others help themselves.

Let me emphasize, I am NOT YET a network marketing superhero like many MANY others, but I am FINALLY understanding what it takes, and really, how to become that person that I’ve always dreamed about! It is really not as difficult as you might think! What it does take is truly just a few key ingredients, and THESE are what I never knew I always knew.

It starts with CONFIDENCE in self. Without confidence, you may as well wait till you’ve chosen to be a confident person (yes, you read that right, confidence is a choice!) I posted this on Facebook not that long ago…”Confidence is something I have struggled with and had lack of my entire life up until I realized, just like pretty much everything in this life, it is a CHOICE. Confidence is like a currency. The more you have the more people you can help! The less you have, the less you have to give to others.”

After confidence comes hard work. Again, not brain surgery, just good old hard work, pick up the phone and make a call kind of work. It’s not challenging, it just takes effort. I guess that’s what I mean by hard, you need to NOT be lazy…there’s a significant difference there that JUST came to me as I wrote that out. Yup, it’s true, lazy will NOT make you a network marketing superhero!

Last key ingredient is PASSIONATELY LOVING the product, service and company you represent. Without that ingredient your souffle will flop

flopped souffle

…it just won’t work. Trust me on this one. After ALL the companies I’ve been with and “faked it” I know of what I speak!

Chances are high that you ALREADY know what you need to know, you just maybe haven’t mixed it up together in a way that makes sense for you yet. If you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way!

I’m leaving you with my Pinterest board of entrepreneurial inspirations…may they serve you well …

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With love & gratitude …

It’s like Spanx for your Face

Oh my gosh, you have GOT to see this… “it’s like spanx for your face”!

You know, I’ve sold stuff before via direct sales (as you hear in my story) but NOTHING has happened like this before!!

You know you’re in the right place at the right time when it happens almost effortlessly!

If you want this Instantly Ageless product that I’m demoing in this video click here.
If you want to join us (WE NEED HELP ‘CAUSE IT’S GROWING LIKE WILD FIRE!!) click here.


With love & gratitude …