People Fascinate Me

People fascinate me, always have

All shapes and sizes

Colours and styles

I can sit and people-watch for hours


The outside doesn’t intrigue me

Nearly as much

As the inside

What makes people tick, their story, their why


Why are some nasty and others so kind

Why do they do what they do

When no one is looking

That’s a mystery yet untold


I used to think I got hurt by people

Out to get me, all the time

Until I realized I was only seeing a mirror

Of my own inner woes

 JT mirrors

I didn’t know I had control

Over what I saw

And how to perceive those actions

I thought were meant to harm me


Now I know, if I don’t like what I see

It’s me that needs changing

Not the other way around


We’re told “don’t wish it were easier

Wish you were better”

Said the famous Jim Rohn


With control of my thoughts and emotions

This is easily done

And on top of this all I send love and send light

Every time I think of you because it just feels right


People fascinate me

If only they knew

That to become whole and happy

They can do the same thing too


This isn’t necessarily a poem, more of a musing.  There’s no rhyme or rhythm but it’s written from deep down inside of me, with love and respect for those who have helped form me.  I’ve been inspired to write again this year, through a series of events where most would think “that’s it, I’ve had enough”, they have only made me stronger and wiser and opened my eyes to the beauty that is this life we are offered.

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