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We hear it all the time … do what you love, follow your passions and the money will follow. If you’re an entrepreneur (and online) on any level you’ve heard this a million times, and seen success stories like Mia Davies, Jonathan Budd, Frank Kern, Diane Hochman (these are just a FEW of the famous online success stories that I’ve followed and learned from over the years)… the list goes on and on! These people HAVE truly followed their passion, but they have also WORKED DAMN HARD!!

One thing that’s been missing, from my perspective anyway, (or maybe I’ve just missed it) is how to get everything you want out of life and that is to give people what THEY want! Yes, Zig Ziglar said this in one (or many) of his infamous speeches … “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

That’s great, however, it really goes DEEPER than that … and this is what I’ve been focusing on lately! How to get people what they want, even if they perhaps don’t even know it themselves!!

In today’s video I’ll (try) and explain exactly what I mean … there may be a few surprises in here too that you weren’t really expecting! 😉

In the end it’s really pretty easy … give people what you want and you’ll really truly get everything you want! Clients, prospects, customers, dates … all kinds of important relationships! Of course, RESPECT YOURSELF, don’t be stupid, but to truly offer them value and understanding and a listening ear when that is the last thing they are expecting will propel you to a place of leadership, best friend, hottest service provider and coolest date out there!!

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