Live an Authentic Life


I believe are the keys to living an authentic and passionate life; those three L’s are laugh, love, live.

It is my purpose in life to inspire your passion; to ignite your passion so that you wake up every day with a passion for your purpose, whatever that is.
Living that passion is living authentically!

1. Laughter…is the best medicine!

If you have nothing to laugh about throughout your day you need to change something in your world…start by laughing at yourself.

Or, go on YouTube look up old episodes of I Love Lucy or whatever else that is going to make you laugh!

Laughter is SO important; when life is so serious, hardcore, depressing, suppressing and difficult we often forget that laughter helps us release! It can help us release all kinds of stuff that is keeping us down and dark and I really encourage you to spend a little bit of time every single day laughing!

2. Love…love is the next L

Love fully, love completely, and I’m not talking about the physical type of love although that is pretty awesome too, but I’m talking about friendship love. Love unconditionally, love like you’ve never been hurt before. I know that sounds so cliche but take a second and really think about it; really let that sink into your soul. We’ve all been hurt; I’ve been hurt more times than I haven’t been hurt, or more times than I’ve been the one doing the hurt. It just is so important to have love in your life!

I’m the first to admit my walls are crazy-high when it comes to relationship style love and I am learning to let those down. There’s nothing wrong with being single and in fact, I quite love being single, at this point in my life I prefer to be single, however the universe and God may have a different plan for me at some point in my life but I’m not going to recognize it unless those walls come down and I let love in. I love to output love but receiving love for me has been challenging…there’s some real talk for you.

Analyze yourself, go within, go deep inside and see how willing are you to receive love. For a lot of us it’s easy to give but until you’re willing to receive it it’s not that full cycle thing and you’re cutting yourself off from living authentically if you do that.

3. The 3rd L is Live

Live your passion, live full-out, do what makes you happy, and again, super cliche but I don’t care it actually means something…find your passion! Whatever it is, what gets you stoked every morning? What is your passion in life? It doesn’t have to be work-related it can be whatever. John Lee Dumas talked about your Ikigai; that’s your passion, your purpose for living, your reason for getting up every morning.

Regardless of circumstance focus on that passion, live full out. Life is so short my friends; in order for you to live authentically and fulfill your life’s purpose we need to live each
and every day full out, full steam ahead. That doesn’t always mean going out and doing stuff but if you’re like me and you sit behind a computer for a good amount of time every day there are things you can do; there are people you can connect with and talk to that can make a difference and help you live out your passion and help you live authentically.

I hope that this is resonated with you and that you find some value in it. Practice your three L’s and see how your life can change.