Pinterest Marketing for 2017

Pinterest marketing

On a Facebook LIVE broadcast I recently gave a whole bunch of awesome pointers on Pinterest Marketing!

Remember Pinterest?! Pinterest has quietly been dominating the world of social media for marketers, ESPECIALLY for women! And let’s face it, WHO makes the majority of buying decisions in families? Yes, that would be women!

Here are some tips, randomly distributed here, that I shared:

  • Feature multiple products in one pin
  • Add a text overlay to make pins STAND OUT
  • Make sure text is strongly contrasting in colour from the image
  • Colours are vital for engagement and number of clicks on a pin
  • Lighter coloured images are more likely to be re-pinned than darker images
  • Predominantly blue toned pins are re-pinned, on average, twice as many times
  • Use strongly contrasting colours to draw the eye
  • Dominant colour should be light, as much as possible
  • DIY are a staple of the platform — TRY IT
  • Create images that ACTUALLY show step by step tutorials do well
  • The description is very important — 150 to 300 words
  • Focus on product uses
  • Add, or edit a link to your pin
  • Always include a relevant link in your bio [e.g. landing page, email sign up, other social network]
  • Place price tags in description
  • Hashtags don’t hold any weight so don’t use them


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Some of my ideas for today’s blog came from Social Media Examiner, because they’re the best.

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Pinterest Marketing — It Takes a Little Tweaking

I attended a webinar a couple of weeks ago that got me really fired up about Pinterest Marketing again!

Some of the highlights from that webinar were:

There was a LOT of great stuff in that webinar, and in this video I will provide a short tutorial that will go over only a few of these items. It will give you some things to work as far as tweaking, so that you can take your Pinterest boards up notch, and improve your Pinterest marketing!

[arrows style=”arrow-red-2.png” align=”center”]


So, as I said, these are just a FEW of the items covered from that webinar, and I will be providing some further instruction and other tips on another video, so stay tuned! I recommend you start with optimizing the look and feel of your Pinterest boards, as well as the other suggestions I made in this video tutorial.

Also, you want to ensure that you are participating in the lives [boards] of other Pinners as well. Follow new people, follow back those that follow you, re-pin, make comments … all good things in the world of relationship marketing.

Remember, it’s ALL about Know Like & Trust when it comes to Social Media [& Pinterest ] Marketing!

With love & gratitude …