How To Repurpose Snapchat Stories

How To Repurpose Snapchat Stories

Repurpose Snapchat Stories

Today I’m sharing some nuggets with you about how to repurpose Snapchat stories throughout other social media platforms. Otherwise known as content, a word us online and social media marketers know all too well; content needs to be spread around like fairydust; everywhere!

There are SO many ways you can repurpose quality Snapchat stories, so be sure to be snapping with a purpose, so you CAN repurpose!

Here are some strategic ideas for you for repurposing your Snapchat stories into other forms of content. Of course, firstly you will have to upload your Snapchat stories from your phone’s camera roll to your laptop / desktop so you CAN repurpose them…

  • Turn your Snapchat stories into a YouTube video [pro tip: create a PowerPoint background for your Snapchat stories to look something like this…if you don’t know who to make this I will happily make you a reusable one for a small fee

    Snapchat stories

  • Use that YouTube video in a blog post
  • Tweet out said blog post
  • Take the exact same content from that blog post and copy / paste into a LinkedIn public action AND a Medium post
  • Share on Facebook pages (owned by you of course), groups (where appropriate) and of course your personal profile
  • …and last [but definitely not least]

  • Repurpose said blog post to your EMAIL list
  • So there you have several ways to repurpose your Snapchat stories in a way that creates buzz around your content, your business and YOU! You are awesome, let’s make sure everyone knows!

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