How to Make a Plan for Success

I heard a great quote today, and it inspired me to talk about how to make a plan for success! The quote goes said “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re going to land up somewhere else”. That’s by good old Yogi Berra!!


It really go me to thinking about plans and directions and maps, then I remembered HEY! I have one that I got earlier this year, so I’m going to share it with you! So, watch the video, then I’ll share with you my juicy tidbit of a map!!

So, here is a link to the GREAT mind map I’ve been using for the last several months. It’s from an AMAZING woman entrepreneur named Jeanna Gabellini and she has some amazing trainings available on planning for and achieving success! She was truly a God-send to me earlier this year, when I first learned about her.

Anyway, download this mind map, this visual tool, and USE IT! [tweetherder text=”Put in your goals follow the path and just SEE what’s at the end”]Put in your goals, follow the path and just SEE what’s at the end![/tweetherder] Your path to success in ALL areas of life just might be a whole lot easier than you’ve been thinking [and struggling with] all these years!

I hope you DO make a plan for your own success! I’d like NOTHING MORE than to see you happy, abundant and prosperous in EVERY area of your life!!

Shoot me a message over on Facebook or in the comments below and let me know if you filled in the map for yourself! Where are YOU going?! xo

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