Does Zen Project 8 Work

does zen project 8 work


Does Zen Project 8 Work?


Hello my friends of the internet, how’s your new year going?




We all start off with resolutions and things we want to change about ourselves, and for the most part, statistically, we don’t stick with it. According to here is what typically happens:


Percent of people who are successful in achieving their resolution 8%
Percent who have infrequent success 49%


That’s why I won’t make resolutions anymore, because I know myself well enough to know I won’t keep them. I DO, however, know that I’m really darn good at making lifestyle changes, [even on a moment’s notice…cold turkey I guess you could call it] and that’s why I dedicated myself to the Zen Project 8 starting on January 4th.


I really let myself go in 2015 and just was NOT happy with my health, fitness levels or my appearance. So, here, basically 2 weeks time, is my story of “does zen project 8 work”. [follow along with my weekly updates here]



If YOU are looking for a LIFE LONG health and lifestyle change, you should most definitely check out and whether or not it will be a fit for you. It’s working for me, I’m feeling pretty confident in saying it can work for you too!
With love & gratitude …


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I Can’t Believe I’m Here Again

I can't believe I'm here again

I just can’t believe I’m here again. I swore I wouldn’t…and then I did.


Sound familiar? Four years ago I lost a bunch of weight (40 lbs)…SWORE it was my FINAL weight loss…but it wasn’t. I’m 50 now, I can’t keep messing around with this! I don’t want to say this IS my final weight loss, because I’m not simply going for weight loss this time. I’m going for a full overhaul of fat loss and healthy lifestyle. That’s what makes this program, this challenge, this COMMUNITY different. It truly is NOT just a diet and a weight loss plan, it’s so much more! #zenproject8


“The ZEN BODI® system targets the three essential aspects of getting fit: curbing appetite, burning fat and building muscle.”


So (here we go) with the deepest of breaths and wiping away a few tears (I’m not trying to be dramatic here, I’m just really upset I’ve let myself go so badly)…here are my BEFORE pictures for my Zen Project 8 participation…I do this to stay accountable not only to myself, but my readers. If I can do this SO CAN YOU!


I can't believe I'm here again I can't believe I'm here again I can't believe I'm here again


My internet friend, if you need a change of body, a change of health, I really encourage you to read up on the Zen Bodi® program and see how we are different.


I will keep you updated on my progress here, and on my YouTube channel so definitely stay tuned!


This IS my last time…it must be and it will be. As we age we simply need to take better care of ourselves. I have not. I’m the first to admit that my 50th year has been, well, let’s say NOT what I had planned, and I just let myself go. That changes. Today. My 8 week Zen Project 8 challenge starts Monday January 4th, 2016 and I can’t WAIT to show you my after pictures!


While it may be too late to join this particular challenge, it’s NOT too late to get your OWN Zen Bodi® started for the new year. Check out the product packages here.


I would LOVE your support in this journey. Comment below if you’ve ever gone on a weight loss/fat loss journey more than once.


With love & gratitude …

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