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lorriratzlaff Lorri Ratzlaff is a Social Media Marketing Solutions Expert.

Lorri manages social media for medium sized established brick and mortar business owners within the automotive, retail and food industries. She also educates groups of entrepreneurs and business owners on the latest social media marketing strategies and tactics so that they can build brand awareness, are knowledgeable on how to engage their fans using the culture of their brand and ultimately help increase sales and grow their businesses by Making Sense of Social Media.

She provides simple, actionable and results driven methods for engaging, effective and enlightening social media marketing.

Her motto has always been “A poorly planned and executed Social Media presence is worse than NO presence at all.” #Lorrism

Since January 2011 Lorri has assisted many different types of businesses and industries in their social media marketing.

Lorri enjoys public speaking and getting out there meeting and connecting with the people!  If you are interested in booking Lorri for a talk or presentation please click here to make arrangements.

After 20+ years in the “corporate” world Lorri chose to go out on her own and follow her entrepreneurial spirit. Her passion is to help business owners of all varieties find success with social media marketing, and to help them make it as authentic, pleasurable and profitable an experience as possible for them, their followers and fans!

Lorri teaches that the #1 goal of social media marketing is to get your followers to get to know, like and trust you; which that takes planning, effort and strategy. Lorri also teaches the benefits of tactics, tools and timing, as these are all essential elements in successful social media marketing.

Visit her blog regularly for updates on social media how-to’s as Lorri is a frequent and consistent blogger.


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