Are You a Pro?

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I came across this video on Facebook and it made me TINGLE … so I had to share it with you!! Are you a pro? A professional network marketer that is!


Listen to what Eric Worre has to say on being a pro…



I’ve been playing small in the arena of network marketing for 22 years…22 frustrating and disappointing years. Do you want to know why they were frustrating and disappointing? Because I refused to treat it as a business, and because I played small!


network marketing pro


I have committed to hustle and playing big[ger than BIG] this year, no excuses! It’s a big year for me, I turn 50 next month and I need a massive change in my life on a few levels! Part of that change is to become the leader I’ve always known is inside of me and because of that I am committed to being a professional network marketer.


For a period of time I will have to build my business at the same time as earning a living, but that’s okay…whatever it takes!


Are you a pro? Do you want to be a professional network marketer? Consider joining my team, we have grown from 1 to 49 in the last 4 weeks. It’s a start!


As a parting gift to you, the potential professional network marketer, I will leave you with Jim Rohn, Building Your Network Marketing Business:



With love & gratitude …

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