What is the Value of a Life

the value of life

Recently I chatted with someone who is dealing with an ill and aging father. He is considering documenting, using social media, the journey of the particular path of alzheimer’s that his father is on, in hopes of not only finding people who are traveling similar paths, but also in hopes of potentially offering some guidance and insight into those who will, in future, consume his stories. Of course I encouraged him to do just that as this idea of sharing one’s story is one of the main reasons why Rob Anspach and I wrote “No Experience Necessary! Social Media for the Boomer, Gen X-er and the Over 50 Entrepreneur”.

My friend and I then ventured into talking about “death care”. He said he doesn’t call it health care anymore (for his personal situation). This in particular led me to my thoughts on what is the value of life. The value of death is huge … apparently it’s a multi-trillion dollar industry. There are massive expenses once someone passes. Both of my parents have passed, and thankfully someone else in the family was in charge of knowing what to do when the time came as I was a mess. Suffice to say; there were funeral costs and other costs that I was in too much of a fog to even remotely understand.

Here is my question though; what if someone can’t afford the cost of death? Does that make he or she any less valuable in their lifetime? Does that make their family, their history, their stories any less important or relevant?

I emphatically say NO. One’s life is invaluable … you cannot place a value on it whether or not the most ornate of caskets is part of the funeral procession. A life is a life. In my humble opinion, unless you live your life intentionally trying to hurt people and damage other people’s lives, we are all of the highest value and should be adorned, adored and treated such.

Stories need to be documented…this puts us all on the same playing field. One story is no more valuable than the other. Wait, I take that back, the story that goes to the grave is worth far more, as it will never be known. What else puts us on the same level is that the method of sharing is free, and available to everyone … social media.

My paternal grandmother took some stories with her to the grave; ones I wish I knew. She was a divorced woman in a time when divorce was vehemently frowned upon. How did she survive the judgmental looks, and who knows what else? Even I, being divorced in the 1990’s, could barely handle it. I wanted and needed to draw on her experience, but it was nowhere to be found. That made it harder; honestly.

These, among others, are reasons why Rob and I wrote this book. We want you to come away with the confidence and tools to share your story, because truly, future generations WILL depend on it.

Pre-ordering is now taking place; you can order the Kindle version for as low as 99 cents (that price will go up once the book officially launches on May 5, 2017).

Share your story with confidence…it matters.


No Experience Necessary

Every Generation Must Learn New Things

Every Generation Must Learn New Things

Every generation must learn new things in order to stay relevant. In the very late 1800’s and early 1900’s it was the radio. That was the newest way for people to learn of what was happening in the world. WWI and WWII brought the radio into being a necessity in a big way!

Next was the age of television…while coming to life in the mid 1920’s, TV was not widely embraced for many years yet. I’m old enough to remember being one of the first families of my neighbourhood to have had a television. People thought we were snobs. [side note: our entire neighbourhood was called “snob hill” in my growing up years; to this day I really have no idea why. Perhaps it was because we were a little more urban than the farmers of town; not sure.] How wrong they were.

Between 1953 and 1955, television programming began to take some steps away from radio formats.

Gen X Social

And telecommunications, they were slightly before that of radio. I remember one of my Aunts having one of those rotary walls phones [gosh, I’m really aging myself today!]. Then the good old push button phone! When we got one of those we thought we were real high rollers! Almost thought ourselves to be snobs [kidding of course]!

The reality is that ever since the printing press, the evolution of communication has not stopped. It is increasing now, with new technologies, some I’ll personally never be able to understand, at light speed. We keep up, or become irrelevant, in my humble opinion. Not irrelevant as a human being, but irrelevant in that we don’t want to continue learning. To learn is to evolve, grow, change, become better.

The GOOD news is that a great deal of communication now occurs through social media. And because of this wonderful thing called the internet [yes, let’s stick to positives shall we … while there IS “fake news” and cyber bullying, I choose to believe that the internet is massively capable of creating much more good than harm] we can communicate with [mostly] the entire world in real time for almost zero cost or inconvenience to anyone.

My purpose for writing about this today is, being part of the 50 plus crowd myself, I GET the frustrations and misgivings of wanting to learn how to use social media properly, and well. These frustrations that so MANY feel are one of the main reasons why I created Gen X Social. Gen X Social is a social media training program specifically designed for people my age, and older. People who are finally deciding they want [and need] to learn how to communicate with the world that we live in, yet just don’t know where to start. I have FREQUENTLY talked with people who say things like “my granddaughter tried to teach me how to use Facebook, but it didn’t work” or “my neighbor’s kid tried to show me Instagram because they said it was like an online photo album, but I still don’t get it”. This is where I come in. I have personally been eyeball deep in social media for 10 years now, and love it more than ever. Knowing as much as I can about using social media well is one of my biggest passions in life; teaching it is another.

I have recently given some podcast interviews about social media for the 50 plusers. One is here and the other is here. If you’d like to give them a listen I think you’ll enjoy them!

If you’d like to learn more about what Gen X Social is about, get a free report that I’ve made for you, which will give you a real good taste of it, here.

In the end, we ALL need to learn new things as we grow, and our numbers get higher [that’s what I refer to as aging]. Learning has never been JUST for the young, but for the young at heart. I hope that means you.

What MY Super Bowl Looks Like

What MY Superbowl Looks Like

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and kick off is less than an hour away! As a HUGE sports fan you better believe I’ll be watching this massive event! I’m cheering Falcons as I love nothing more than the drive and perseverance of an underdog. Brady and the Patriots are an historical and iconic team, but heck, they’ve had their turn! Time for a new champ!

I’ve had what feels like Super Bowl moments over these last few weeks with the launch of my program Gen X Social.

Gen X Social Report

Gen X Social is a social media training, coaching and mentorship program specifically designed for Gen Xers and Baby Boomers.

One of my biggest moments of success, thus far, was being interviewed on two different podcasts last week. I was given the opportunity to talk about the benefits of Gen X Social and how it can help this specific age group of people who, for many, are still trying to figure out how to make social media work for them.

Gen X Social is primarily a program written to help people do business (either a part-time side business or perhaps even something full-time) using social media, it’s also for people who want to know how to use it for personal reasons. For example; many don’t yet know the difference between a Facebook profile and page. There are also those who just want to connect and communicate with family and friends and have a hard time figuring it out on their own. This program is useful for anyone in the 50 plus age group and will often help them feel better about themselves as they’ll understand social media better and learn how to use it; in most cases, for the first time!

Here is one of the podcast interviews; I would be honoured if you would give Todd a 5 star rating as well as give it a listen. Just click this picture and you will be taken to the interview.

interview with Todd Bergin 1

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Instagram Stories and Twitter LIVE Updates

social media updates

So much is happening in social media; Instagram Stories LIVE and Twitter LIVE updates, as well as some Snapchat updates. Trust me I’m probably not even touching on all of the latest updates, but these are the ones that are really standing out to me that I intend on using and learning so that i can in turn teach you!

I hope that you are already on all of these platforms that I mention in this video, but if not, stay tuned to the end of the video as I have something really exciting to tell you about!

So, with Instagram Stories you can now go LIVE! Just like you are getting used to Facebook LIVE, where somebody comes on and does a live broadcast, that same thing happens now in Instagram Stories! The big difference with Instagram Stories is that once the broadcaster is finished, the broadcast goes away. The only alternative to having a recording of the Instagram Stories LIVE is if you record yourself creating it from an outside source. If you’re not already building a loyal following on Instagram this is something that you’re going to want to ramp up in 2017 because grabbing their attention with that LIVE on demand style video broadcast is just amazing for marketers! Relatable Stories is one of your keys to 2017 social media marketing success!

Twitter LIVE is here as well!

Twitter LIVE

Simply push the LIVE button and start connecting with your audience! Truth time, I haven’t tried this yet, but I think this could potentially be a GREAT way to GROW your Twitter audience quite quickly, if you don’t have a very large following yet.

Now, for my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT…the one I mentioned in my video!

I am launching my very first product! It is a social media training, coaching and mentorship program SPECIFICALLY designed for Gen Xers and Baby Boomers who really WANT to learn and use social media, but are just having a little bit of a hard time either learning it from their family and friends, or just have nobody to teach them. This is for them! I am so excited to be “soft launching” at a very affordable price!

More details are at http://the50plusentrepreneur.website

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