How to Use the NEW Instantly Ageless™ Package

How to Use the NEW Instantly Ageless Package

Hey friends of the internet, I was asked to make a video about the NEW INSTANTLY AGELESS™ sachets! This packaging is for North America alone [I believe] while the UK and other countries still have the vials. These are super HANDY for samples, travel, and just general awesome #itslikespanxforyourface usage!

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I’ve been using Instantly Ageless™ now since January 2015 and gosh, it just keeps getting better!! Make SURE that when you get your box of sachets that you SQUISH SQUISH SQUISH the package before you open it! Trust me, it works MUCH better this way!!

Enjoy your new look with the Instantly Ageless™ from Jeunesse!

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For under makeup, first, apply your serum and daily moisturizer and allow time for these products to penetrate the layers of your skin (a minute or two). Second, apply a very thin layer of Instantly Ageless evenly over the desired area of your face using a tapping motion and leave it a bit damp on your skin. It is imperative to remain expressionless and allow product to dry (2-3 minutes). If you see a white residue you have either used too much product, did not use moisturizer or rubbed the product in instead of tapping the product on.


Lastly, once your Instantly Ageless product has dried, apply liquid foundation with a foundation brush. When using a foundation brush, you will use less foundation and your makeup will blend easier. When using the brush, lightly go over the area that you have applied Instantly Ageless. You may apply the rest of your makeup as usual where the product is not applied. Afterwards you can use loose powder if needed to blend makeup. Always keep in mind that Instantly Ageless lies on the surface and does not penetrate the skin.


With love & gratitude …

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The Truth About Anti-Aging

The truth about anti-aging…is that aging happens to all of us, but we can DO something about it. We can combat it with world-class products, clean eating and exercise. Why didn’t we think of this sooner?! 😉

Here is an excellent video that I shared on my Facebook page on the truth about anti-aging…please watch, like & share!

This Australian beauty blog has named the LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum as one that “you need in your life!”.

“It uses exclusive patent-pending formula that helps to coax your skin back to a healthy, regenerative state. It transforms your skin by encouraging your body’s natural processes to produce more proteins like collagen and elastin, leading to more youthful skin.”

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Luminesce™ Serum
Luminesce™ Serum

And for those who REQUIRE instant gratification…hold on to your chair as this will blow you away! There is Instantly Ageless™ by Jeunesse Global.

This is what some EXTREMELY satisfied customers have been saying:

  • Very Good Product. It’s not permanent but it works. If you have bags or puffiness this will help!
  • I love it! It smooths out my fine lines & gets rid of the bags & dark circles under my eyes!
  • It really is a miracle. Awesome!
  • OMG amazing

That list goes on and ON from people who are SO happy and have been instantly gratified! The REALITY is however, it doesn’t always work for everyone, not on the first try often. Here’s a video I made on that subject…

The OPTIMAL way to use Instantly Ageless™ is as follows:

  • cleanse and moisturize with your skin care of choice (of course I recommend LUMINESCE™)
  • lightly pat a very thin layer of Instantly Ageless™ to targeted areas
  • leave damp on skin and remain expressionless for 2–3 minutes

There you have it, the truth about anti-aging from my perspective. We all get older, it’s inevitable. We don’t have to age though, and these amazing products from Jeunesse Global are going to keep me as young looking as I feel!

With love & gratitude …

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How to use LUMINESCE™ & Instantly Ageless™ together

LUMINESCE™ & Instantly Ageless™

This blog post is about how I am now use LUMINESCE™ and Instantly Ageless™ together, for the best look and feel of my skin that I’ve ever had…in ALL my 50 years! I never used to take care of my skin, not really, not consistently at best, until NOW that is! Oh my goodness, I’ve been using our skin care from Jeunesse now for just over a month and I am OVER the moon at how my skin not only looks, but feels!

before and after 30 days with LUMINESCE™ | Beauty that is Ageless

This is the results of my first 30 days of using the LUMINESCE™ line and I have to say [even if maybe YOU can’t see the difference] I have never been more happy with my skin! At 50 years old, I am now ALL about anti-aging!

I texted this same picture to a few of my friends, to see if my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me, and these were some of their responses:

“looks AMAZING…what a huge difference!”

“more even skin tone, under eye circles less puffy”

“DEFINITELY can see a difference!”

…needless to say, I was THRILLED!!

I decided to make a quick video about my experience as well…

If you have used the same skin care your WHOLE life, well, I may not be able to sway you [OR I might 😉 ]. If you are OPEN to trying something new and truly amazing, I would highly recommend this skin care line!

Here are some more pictures of proof… Jeunesse Luminesce(4) Jeunesse Luminesce(2) 10603297_10155368658680790_2008911951434754823_n 2015-02-26_1626 Bekki_Luminesce

With love & gratitude …

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Demonstrations of Jeunesse Products

LUMINESCE™ Skin Care | Jeunesse Global

Today I’d like to show you my demonstrations of Jeunesse products. The ones in today’s videos are the LUMINESCE™ skin care line, then the, now FAMOUS, Instantly Ageless™!

Let’s start with the LUMINESCE™ video…

This skin care line “super-charges the production of young, fresh skin cells. Infused with a potent growth factor complex derived from natural adult stem cells, the LUMINESCE™ family of products rejuvenates skin cells at a molecular level.”

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Next is my VERY FIRST attempt at Instantly Ageless™ and while the results were different than OTHERS, I was still extremely pleased! As I’ve used the product now for several months I have gotten to know what works BEST for my skin type and now apply it with a brush instead of my fingers, especially when I put it on over my makeup. Click here for that video tutorial.

Anyway, THIS is my first time using Jeunesse’s Instantly Ageless™ … enjoy!

You may, or may not, be able to see, but a lot of people have commented on this video saying things like “you shouldn’t have smiled after putting it on”, and they are right! In order to get the BEST effects from the product staying emotionless, to the best of your ability, for about 2 minutes or so will give you the best results.

I am still in my first 4 weeks of using the LUMINESCE™ line, but am excited to bring you before and after’s here. All I can tell you right NOW is that my skin has NEVER…EVER in 50 years felt as good as it does now!

I encourage you to look at ALL the Jeunesse products, and you can do that here. Purchasing is easy, all online, and everything has a 30 day money back guarantee!

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So there you have it, today’s demonstrations of Jeunesse Products! I am in LOVE with this line, and this company! I encourage you to find out more about us, or ask me directly!


With love & gratitude …

Love YOU This Valentines Day

Love YOU This Valentines Day

My biggest challenge in this last year has been to TRULY and 100% love myself, every part of me. What better day than Valentine’s Day to do just that. To love myself, 100% fully, wholly, completely.

I have decided to love the mishaps, the bad choices, the failures that have formed my growth. I have decided to love the NEVER to be flat belly, my grey hairs and the gaps in my teeth. That this may sound superficial to you, but to me, this has been an uphill climb, learning to love this. God gave me this face, this body, this demeanor and this brain for a reason; it is up to me to love it, and use it to His purposes.

If you struggle with loving yourself I encourage you to follow these steps and suggestions: [originally posted by]

  • Repeat after me: I’m not perfect, and that is okay.
  • What do I like about myself?
  • Positive reinforcement is your friend.
  • Every negative thought should be followed by three positive ones.
  • If it wouldn’t matter next month, it’s not worth stressing about.
  • To take care of others, I must first take care of myself.
  • Smile, because you are worthy of love and happiness.

Life is so short … trust me on this one. I’m turning 50 in a few days and am having a hard time wrapping my brain around that number. Thank GOODNESS it’s just a number, and nothing more.

I choose to live the way I want to, and take care of myself in the best way possible, and that means loving myself, especially on this Valentines Day.

Love YOU this Valentines Day.

Don’t wait around for someone else to give you that greatest gift of all.

“when you own who you are, mountains begin to move”


With love & gratitude …