Love YOU This Valentines Day

My biggest challenge in this last year has been to TRULY and 100% love myself, every part of me. What better day than Valentine’s Day to do just that. To love myself, 100% fully, wholly, completely.

I have decided to love the mishaps, the bad choices, the failures that have formed my growth. I have decided to love the NEVER to be flat belly, my grey hairs and the gaps in my teeth. That this may sound superficial to you, but to me, this has been an uphill climb, learning to love this. God gave me this face, this body, this demeanor and this brain for a reason; it is up to me to love it, and use it to His purposes.

If you struggle with loving yourself I encourage you to follow these steps and suggestions: [originally posted by]

  • Repeat after me: I’m not perfect, and that is okay.
  • What do I like about myself?
  • Positive reinforcement is your friend.
  • Every negative thought should be followed by three positive ones.
  • If it wouldn’t matter next month, it’s not worth stressing about.
  • To take care of others, I must first take care of myself.
  • Smile, because you are worthy of love and happiness.

Life is so short … trust me on this one. I’m turning 50 in a few days and am having a hard time wrapping my brain around that number. Thank GOODNESS it’s just a number, and nothing more.

I choose to live the way I want to, and take care of myself in the best way possible, and that means loving myself, especially on this Valentines Day.

Love YOU this Valentines Day.

Don’t wait around for someone else to give you that greatest gift of all.

“when you own who you are, mountains begin to move”


With love & gratitude …