The Evolution of Mothers Day

evolution of mothers day

Mothers Day … such high expectations are placed on kids when they’re young; it’s all about giving breakfast in bed, making a gift and a card, spending the day doing what mom loves OR leaving mom alone. There’s nothing wrong with ANY of this, it’s wonderful … BUT, as life goes on we know that this day is not really about the gifts or the stuff.

I recall those breakfast in bed days; cute, but more work for me than anything as I always had to clean up the, most likely, spilled orange juice or mess left behind after they had no clue how to make coffee. It was adorable of them to try, but they only REALLY did it because they thought they were supposed to.

And what about Mothers Day for the woman who has lost a child during childbirth, or the mom that has aborted or abandoned their child. This day, no matter how awful those circumstances may be, is also for them, and gosh, how hard that must be. I can’t really wrap my head around what that would feel like.

Then there are those of us whose Mothers have left this earth already; celebrating my mom just makes me sad still, even though she’s been gone 15 years. Being Motherless is a feeling of helplessness; it’s like something is missing; a void that can never be filled.

This day is SO geared towards the giving of things, when, at the end of the day, all MOST moms really want is to be loved, needed, appreciated and to spend time with their children … a laugh, a talk, a hug, a smile. Meals are great, gifts, yes, also really wonderful but, you want to know something? I had the most WONDERFUL evening with my two daughters today, and my FAVOURITE part of the few hours we spent together was us sitting in the car at the end of our date talking and laughing. We sat in the car like horny teenagers steaming up the windows but ONLY because we were talking and laughing so hard. Those are memories being made. The gifts; they’re wonderful (truth … I just about fainted with delight when I found out my 22 year old cut from a lilac bush across the street to make sure I had flowers!) and I am so grateful for their generosity; but as I age, and learn more and more of what life is truly about, the gift of time is the most precious of all.

As Mothers Day evolves over the timeline of your family, may the gift of time be what is most given, and most treasured.