The Diary of a Winter Storm [aka #bcstorm17]

the diary of a winter story #bcstorm17

You learn a lot about yourself when you’re stranded, house bound, nowhere to go, no one to see and no way to get to see them, even if there were. Sure, there’s the internet and you can connect with friends and loved ones 24/7, but when the possibility of being in their physical presence is completely stripped away from you, you, well I, begin to see life a little differently.

Today’s blog is going to be a little different; it won’t be any kind of a social media training or sales pitch of any kind. It’s simply the story of my last 7 days…and the unlikely metaphor it became, for me, about this stage of my life. But first, the storm; here are some pictures that were snapped on Feb 4 ’17. Need I say more…

As my car became completely buried, no amount of shoveling I did made any difference. I’d shovel away 10″ of snow and 15 more fell. It was a week of walking (thank GOODNESS I’m close enough to a mall that I can walk for necessities) for food and eating it alone as no one could access my street.

You get the idea.

Now, trust me, this is NOT intended to be about bitching about the snow or complaining. Although, and part of why I am writing this blog, I can honestly say that I startled myself at how MUCH I complained during this last week. I got off track, off balance, off centre SO quickly that it startled me to be honest. I felt so completely at a loss of anything good in life because I had zero control over what was happening outside and as a result, my limitations were slapping me in the face 24 hours a day.

I am embarrassed to say that I lost it. A week of snow, sub zero temperatures and “cabin fever” and I lost it. I believe it was a catalyst though..hear me out. I am in this strange place in life that appeared entirely too quickly. At 51  I am essentially an empty nester (the girls come and go as they please as that is just where they are at in life right now with school and work and lives of their own), I am single, I am self-employed and found myself saying “who am I” and “what is my life all about” this week. So you see, I feel that was a good thing. I think I NEEDED this week to happen ( although I would have been equally open to receiving this message via another method ;) ) for me to wake up.

Whatever version of storm /  cabin fever / abandonment you encounter, you and I, we must get through it. There is so much more to life than being needed. Children grow, relationships end, clients come and go (as do jobs in most cases). We can’t be so beholden to these things that we lose ourselves to them. We must find our TRUE selves, and I don’t mean our work either. Although, for someone like me my work is a HUGE part of me, but it’s not everything.

Full disclosure, I haven’t completely figured it out yet…but, this “snowmaggedon” helped me see that I needed to go to that place of complete surrender to the things that I thought were important, to see that there is really so much more.

I seek to trudge through this metaphorical whiteout to see the rainbows on the other side. I may not see them tomorrow, or next week or even next year, but I know that I will find what I am looking for … and that is myself.

I know only a few things; that I want to love and be loved, I want to be useful and of service, I want to explore this glorious planet to collect experiences and I want to leave a legacy of kindness, compassion, empathy, tenacity and fun.

So yes, let’s start there. Like Gary Vee always says, take what you want and backwards engineer it.

I know I don’t want to feel as useless, helpless and out of control as I did in this storm, not ever again.

So you see my friends of the internet, I ended up being very grateful for the #bcstorm. It taught me a lesson that I have likely been avoiding for many years.

Here is this week’s video; it is simply scenes from throughout the week from my Snapchat account…

Finally, I have learned to no longer fear the storms. I think that was another huge takeaway from this week. Embrace it, as you don’t have a choice. It’s coming whether (or weather in this case) you like it or not.

As Jim Rohn to eloquently and famously said…

“It’s not what happens that determines your life future. It’s what you do about what happens.

It’s not the blowing up the wind that determines your destination. It’s the set of your sail.

The same wind the blows on us all. A difference in arrival is not the blowing up the wind. It’s the set of the sail.

Learning helps you set a better sail.

What changes is your philosophy. This changes the set of the sail.

Correct the errors of the past. Pick up new disciplines for the future.

You can change at any time “if you wish to.”

Some people don’t know they can change because they never read the book, went to the class, or attended the seminar.

It’s possible to make the next three years better than the last three years.

It’s not the blowing of the wind that determines your income or your fortune. It’s the set of the sail.

Live an Authentic Life


I believe are the keys to living an authentic and passionate life; those three L’s are laugh, love, live.

It is my purpose in life to inspire your passion; to ignite your passion so that you wake up every day with a passion for your purpose, whatever that is.
Living that passion is living authentically!

1. Laughter…is the best medicine!

If you have nothing to laugh about throughout your day you need to change something in your world…start by laughing at yourself.

Or, go on YouTube look up old episodes of I Love Lucy or whatever else that is going to make you laugh!

Laughter is SO important; when life is so serious, hardcore, depressing, suppressing and difficult we often forget that laughter helps us release! It can help us release all kinds of stuff that is keeping us down and dark and I really encourage you to spend a little bit of time every single day laughing!

2. Love…love is the next L

Love fully, love completely, and I’m not talking about the physical type of love although that is pretty awesome too, but I’m talking about friendship love. Love unconditionally, love like you’ve never been hurt before. I know that sounds so cliche but take a second and really think about it; really let that sink into your soul. We’ve all been hurt; I’ve been hurt more times than I haven’t been hurt, or more times than I’ve been the one doing the hurt. It just is so important to have love in your life!

I’m the first to admit my walls are crazy-high when it comes to relationship style love and I am learning to let those down. There’s nothing wrong with being single and in fact, I quite love being single, at this point in my life I prefer to be single, however the universe and God may have a different plan for me at some point in my life but I’m not going to recognize it unless those walls come down and I let love in. I love to output love but receiving love for me has been challenging…there’s some real talk for you.

Analyze yourself, go within, go deep inside and see how willing are you to receive love. For a lot of us it’s easy to give but until you’re willing to receive it it’s not that full cycle thing and you’re cutting yourself off from living authentically if you do that.

3. The 3rd L is Live

Live your passion, live full-out, do what makes you happy, and again, super cliche but I don’t care it actually means something…find your passion! Whatever it is, what gets you stoked every morning? What is your passion in life? It doesn’t have to be work-related it can be whatever. John Lee Dumas talked about your Ikigai; that’s your passion, your purpose for living, your reason for getting up every morning.

Regardless of circumstance focus on that passion, live full out. Life is so short my friends; in order for you to live authentically and fulfill your life’s purpose we need to live each
and every day full out, full steam ahead. That doesn’t always mean going out and doing stuff but if you’re like me and you sit behind a computer for a good amount of time every day there are things you can do; there are people you can connect with and talk to that can make a difference and help you live out your passion and help you live authentically.

I hope that this is resonated with you and that you find some value in it. Practice your three L’s and see how your life can change.

Establish Yourself as an Authority Figure

establish yourself as an authority

How to establish yourself as an authority figure

Hey, you. Ya you. Entrepreneur. You want to grow your brand, your business, your “place” in Internet land? Then establish yourself as an authority figure that people are searching for. No one is stopping you. Except you. I know this because I do it to myself. Every single day. You got this. I got this! Let’s do it together!

Being an authority figure does NOT mean that you have it all figured out. What it does mean however, is that you are trying your best, working hard, hustling, learning, growing, developing your character and LIVING YOUR PURPOSE.

Are you living yours? Then you are indeed [should you allow yourself to be] and authority figure! Entrepreneurs all around this world of Internet land are looking for leaders just like you. Why not step up and see what happens? I know I’m going to!

This last week I had an amazing lunch with a new friend and she found out [even though I’ve desperately been trying to hide it] through her amazing strength and intuition that I truly don’t know my purpose….not really. I’m CLOSE, but have a little more digging to do till I truly land on that magic X on the treasure map of life.

So, entrepreneur, I KNOW how you feel, as I am there too. I intend to live out the rest of my entrepreneurial days as a true authority figure…and be proud of it. I believe you will be there too. Simply allow.

lorri ratzlaff

How to Eliminate the Compare Monster FOREVER

how to eliminate the COMPARE MONSTER forever

Eliminate the Compare Monster

Today’s blog post is not only a training, but is also an entry for Brendon Burchard‘s Expert’s Academy contest! WISH ME LUCK!

First things first though…my topic for today’s training video is how to eliminate the COMPARE MONSTER forever. This is a monster that hides in my life and sometimes (often?) takes over everything I’m trying to succeed at and accomplish! Sheesh, relentless little buggar!!

Compare or despair says John Lee Dumas from a Snapchat chat I had with “JLD” the other day! I am taking that to heart and learning, so I can teach. Sooooo, here are the 5 tips that you can use to SUCCEED at conquering the Compare Monster…FOREVER! I’m going to be using them too!

  • Focus on the things that are special about you; your life experience, your age, your story
  • Give yourself reminders on your greatness in and around your world; post it notes, pop up reminders on your phone, voice recordings Eliminate the Compare Monster
  • Surround yourself with people who need what you have to offer
  • LEARN from those who you compare yourself too but don’t LEAN on them…leaning leads to thinking that you don’t have what it takes; and you do
  • Be a constant student in order to be the best teacher possible; keeping your mind busy will keep your mind off of the compare monster

I hope you found some value in this…I know I’m going to start practicing these 5 Compare Monster exorcism activities TO-DAY! Once you’ve tried them, let me know how your journey is going in the comment section!

With love & gratitude …

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Happy Valentines Day to YOURSELF

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day Love

On this day dedicated to LOVE and all things “mushy gushy” I’m here to give you a simple reminder, instruction even, to LOVE YOURSELF…first and foremost.



Whether or not you are in a relationship of some sort you can take the time to love yourself UNCONDITIONALLY today…and always.


Give yourself the GIFT and learn the importance of loving yourself unconditionally. You can give yourself Valentines Day gifts today too; chocolate, pizza, shoes, purses, a movie date, a new tablet, maybe a car…I could go on and ON with that list. Translate what you might give to your “lover” and give that to yourself instead! <3


To quote Louise Hay:


…there is only one thing that heals every problem, and that is: to know how to love yourself.

When people start to love themselves more each day, it’s amazing how their lives get better. They feel better. They get the jobs they want. They have the money they need. Their relationships either improve, or the negative ones dissolve and new ones begin.


Today I did a brief Periscope chat on the subject because, even though there are a lot of people out there ‘scoping about their Valentines Day dates and their romantic getaways, there (I’m QUITE certain) are also a lot of people home alone on this night feeling sorry for themselves…or wishing they were somewhere else, and I wanted to encourage those people.



Love yourself my friends of the internet; it’s the most important relationship you’ll ever nourish.

With love & gratitude …

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