The Time The Doctors Asked Me To Be On Their TV Show

The Time The Doctors Asked Me To Be On Their Show

the DOCTORS asked me to be on their tv show

So my friends of the internet, here’s a whacky story for you. It’s called “The time the DOCTORS asked me to be on their TV show” and it’s a real life story. Turned out to be the role I never got, as my actress daughter would say.

So it started like this…

The Time the Doctors asked me to be on their show

I got a comment on one of my videos [I answer all of my LEGIT comments on YouTube #justsayin] (lots of people don’t) and could barely believe what I was seeing!

Needless to say, after getting back up off the floor from shock and excitement, I responded IMMEDIATELY! We communicated several times back and forth and it was all becoming very real and VERY exciting!

Instantly Ageless™ Product of the Year 2014 She said that the show wanted to do a segment on Instantly Ageless™ as they were hearing so much buzz about it. It DID win product of the year from The Academy of Multi Level Marketing for 2014 after all, which is pretty cool! Obviously the Doctors heard about this and wanted to showcase our amazing product!

SMART! And they PICKED ME to be part of it! So, here’s the full story for you…in my own words.

Yet another notch in the learning post of life! #itsallgood [I keep telling myself]. No, it actually IS all good because who REALLY gets these kinds of invitations? Not that many of us for sure, so I was completely honoured to be asked.

You may be asking what happened, and why it didn’t actually work out. Well, I could tell you but it doesn’t matter anymore because it didn’t happen and life goes on.

Yet another blazingly obvious example that we have to CHOOSE our reactions…how am I going to let this affect me. Admittedly, I felt sorry for myself over this for almost a full day, but then I stopped that shit and moved on! CHOICE is all we have my friends when it comes to recovery. What other people do is something we have no control over. So did I get my big break on the TV show the Doctors? Not this time…and that’s just fine with me.


With love & gratitude …

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You Can’t Move Forward Until You Do This

You Can't Move Forward Until You Do This

There is really truly something so magical about discovering all the foibles oddities and weirdness that make up you and who you truly are.

So, until you are ready and willing to dig deep and discover the things that may possibly be holding you back from your best life, then you can’t more forward until you do this…you MUST be open to finding those things. Recognizing your triggers and learn not only how to cope but to manager these imperfections are the key that unlocks your best life.

I had a major discovery this week; one that actually surprised me. I am a very upbeat and positive person; down-right likable if you ask those that know me. I have my off days for sure, but overall, I’m pretty happy. I realized, admitted more like it, that I have no joy though. No real sense of joy whatsoever. In fact, when I started digging deeper I was discovering a LOT (way more than I’d like to admit) of negativity which I believe is keeping me from moving forward.

Triggers like “why me” “it’ll never happen” “i can’t believe they did that to me” “I’ll never get out of this“…on and on, were all I was hearing. It kind of disgusted me.

I am SO grateful for my new membership in John Assaraf’s NeuroGym program as IT is what has led me to understand my triggers and is helping me change MANY things in my thinking; and thus my life. This, is a perfect example of the amazing things I’m learning there (which, again, are helping me to move forward with my life)…

move forward

I’ve said this before in my blogs, I’ll say it again…it’s about choices my friends. Choices we make on how we think, react, respond and live our lives. I am choosing to let go the negativity that is plaguing my insides and choosing to find joy, to BE joyous. Truly 100% joyful. My excuses for the negativity are crutches that I didn’t realize I had or was holding on to. Thank GOODNESS for the ability to recognize this; I’m truly grateful!

Do you have something deep down inside that you have recognized is holding you back from moving forward? Have you chosen to move beyond it? I’d love to connect and hear your story so leave a comment below with your a-ha moment.

With love & gratitude …

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How Do You React To a Complete Flop

How Do You React To a Complete Flop

Soooooo, this week I had a complete FLOP of a first attempt on :/


blab Here’s the story…I have my lists made and my goals set, and creating more; DIFFERENT content in 2016 is HIGH on my list of priorities! Things like Periscope, blab and Snapchat (I am @lorriratzlaff on all of these BTW’s if you want to come join me) are going to be taking more of my time in an effort to reach more people!


So with that being said, last week my inaugural blab was planned and scheduled, I told all my friends and teammates and readers and followers (more than once) and what happened? Outside of one person joining in and telling me to take my clothes off it was nothing but crickets in the room.



But…THAT’S OK! I handled it like a professional (I think 🙂 ) and gave my planned talk as IF there were people there soaking up the content! It was great!



So, the gist of today’s blog is, how do you react to a complete flop? What do you do when you are highly anticipating something to go so well, and it very much doesn’t? Do you sulk and pout and simmer in your self-pity? I know I felt my mind going that direction, not going to lie, for a very short period of time anyway. UNTIL I stopped myself. Everyone has a first at everything and very RARELY is the first attempt at ANYTHING perfect! So there you go, I decided that is was OK, that it was meant to be that way and that it can only get better.


The great thing about personal development is that is literally does not allow you to stay in the same place (mentally, emotionally, spiritually) for anything. You’re always growing and improving yourself. It’s truly one of my greatest passions! Had I not done a lot of personal development over the years last week’s flop may very well have sent me straight to “I’m never using blab again”…which OBVIOUSLY isn’t the case (you can catch me on every Thursday morning at 10:30 AM Pacific time)!


What do you do when you have created a complete flop? I’d love to read in the comments below if you do a little “woe is me” before picking up your socks and moving on or if you’re rock solid and nothing gets to you. Let me know!


With love & gratitude …

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A Look Back at 2015

A Look Back at 2015

A Look Back at 2015…Challenges and Victories


Well my friends, this is the LAST BLOG of 2015!! WOW! Hard to believe yet another year has come and gone…and WHAT a year it’s been! In this week’s video blog I go over just a FEW of this year’s challenges and victories! It was an interesting year, turning 50 and all. I really thought it would be different, but I’m grateful for all that I learned this year. For 2016 I’m focusing WAY MORE on victories and my year end video will be MUCH different a year from now….you can lay bets on that one if you like!


BUT…for now, it’s still all a learning curve, isn’t it, and everything DOES indeed happen for a reason. So, without further adieu, here is a look back at 2015…challenges and victories.



2016 will be amazing! I’ve divided my year into BIG goals; Medium goals and my ideas and methods on how I will achieve them! It’s a start. In fact, since writing out my these goals just two days ago ONE thing on my BIG goals list has already happened! Talk about getting a jump start! Wahoo!


I appreciate you all so very dearly, so whether we are friends on Facebook or you watch my videos on YouTube I am SO grateful for your place in my life and hope that through my content I have inspired you or helped you in some way.


Here’s to sheer awesomeness in 2016!


With love & gratitude …

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Do You Lack Self Confidence?

do you lack self confidence

Do you lack self confidence?


SURPRISE! You may be thinking that because I make videos I have all the self confidence in the world! Well, here’s some news for you … I actually really lack self confidence. In fact, I lack self confidence a great deal. Making videos actually really HELPS me with my self confidence!


According to the National Association of Self Esteem (NASE), self esteem (self confidence) is, “The experience of being capable of meeting life’s challenges and being worthy of happiness.”


Give this week’s video a listen and hopefully you’ll be able to understand me a little bit better.



I could tell you so many stories of my youth, my mid life, and even last week, where lack of self confidence affected me in an adverse and negative way. I work very hard at improving this area of my life and even though I know that this is something that will always be a part of who I am, I accept it and work with it; make the best of it.


I hope that my stories and my experiences will somehow help you, if this is something you deal with as well. Please don’t ever mistake my sharing for advice. If you actually have a medical condition I urge you to seek professional help. However, if you are like the millions of us who know this about ourselves and choose to do something to better yourself; I hope that I can represent one tiny little flicker of light in the proverbial darkness.


If you don’t have time for the video, feel free to download and listen to the same story on SoundCloud here:


With love & gratitude …

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