Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories; Why You Don’t Need to Choose

Snapcchat vs. Instagram Stories

Why You Don’t Need to Choose Between Snapchat and Instagram Stories

Hello my fabulous friends of the Internet, today I’d like to talk about…


That is, Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories.

First, things first, I truly don’t believe there is a debate; I think that EVEN THOUGH these two platforms appear quite similar, time will show that they are BOTH very valuable to the world of online and social media marketers, as well as those simply wanting to connect in a deeper and more meaningful way in today’s world of bullsh*t and weirdness.

So, here’s how I break it down…

I’ve been reading, and listening, and here is what some of the experts are saying; people like Jay Baer of have said; “Snapchat has a user base that rivals Instagram, and a passion index that exceeds Instagram’s, especially among younger users“, and Gary Vaynerchuck said in episode 222 of #askgaryvee that [4:19] “I don’t think Instagram stories kills Snapchat, but I definitely think it may slow down the migration of 35-55 year olds over to the platform if they can use Instagram to feed that kind of storytelling

So, you can see, there are victories for both sides. As I said in my video, let’s just play nice in the sandbox, there’s room for everyone there! I truly believe it will come down to a matter of personal choice. YES, there are analytics and all kinds of things of that nature that can be observed and dealt against. As a practitioner and EDUCATOR for the “olds” I like to teach the people what they need to know for A) what is easiest for them (so that they DO IT) and B) reaching where their audience / target market is at.

So, for many 50+ entrepreneurs that could mean Instagram stories. I have this funny gut feeling though that this is not the end of Snapchat, not even for that demographic. Look at Twitter, and how it used to be a “young man’s game”. This stat is a little bit older [Twitter’s not what it used to be sadly] but the fastest growing demographic on THAT social network is the 55-64 y/o’s. Just sit on that for a bit. [source:]

In the end, just like we as people, DEFINITELY we as entrepreneurs; social media will be ever evolving; growing and changing and becoming BETTER. Thankfully the battle seems to have died down a little over the last few days. Snapchat vs. Instagram stories, I guess in the end, you decide which one suits your purposes. Me? I am partial to Snapchat … for today anyway!

The Difference Between Snapchat and other Social Networks

The Difference Between Snapchat and other Social Networks

The Difference Between Snapchat and other Social Networks

…especially for the 50+ crowd.

I’d like to share my experience with Snapchat and the difference between that social network and others. Keep in mind, this is MY personal experience only.

I am already, in general, a VERY active member of the social media community, so my level of understanding (not to put labels on anyone, this is AGAIN just from my experience, and is also based on the number of questions I get relating to this subject) may be different than others my age. Here’s the thing; I AM 50+. I get REALLY tired of people saying “oh Snapchat, that’s just for kids” or things of that nature. The reality is; MY age group, the “olds”, are coming on board in alarming rates!

Snapchat isn’t just for teens and college-age adults anymore. While still wildly popular among these younger demographic segments, the ephemeral photo and video sharing app is also rapidly growing its user base among older Millennials (Age 25-34) and those 35 years-and-older.

Back to the point; the difference between Snapchat and the other social networks that I frequently use; while I have been actively using Facebook since 2007, and the likes of Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn shortly thereafter, I truly have NEVER experienced the

sense of community

in any of these other networks the way I have on Snapchat. Not for lack of trying either; I am a member of several (probably too many) great (useful, informative, membership related) Facebook groups. My take on the Facebook groups is that they grow so large, so quickly (often) that it is really hard to maintain any level of, dare I say, intimacy, in the groups. That being said, there IS GREAT VALUE in having Facebook groups for specific purposes (memberships, etc.) but because it is so huge, it’s also extremely easy to lose track, lose touch, lose interest. Often managing large Facebook groups is a full time job; not something I’m interested in; that is for dang sure! I would much rather be employing my time in connecting one on one with individuals; learning, growing, stretching myself; laughing … REALLY truly getting to know people.

Something else that is really different is the


that is possible! From filters, lenses to geofilters…and now MEMORIES; I feel like my creative juices are flowing like the way they were the first time I learned about Canva (and now spark). Creators need to create; and if you are a content creator on ANY level; you will know what I mean. We need an outlet that resonates with us; and for me visual creativity (images and videos) is what floats my boat.

There are more wonderful things that I could talk about Snapchat, but these two will suffice for now. So, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, COME JOIN THE FUN with me! Build real relationships, (if you are a marketer) establish the know, like and trust factor faster than any Facebook ad can do and learn about the world in a way that you likely haven’t ever seen before.