Every Generation Must Learn New Things

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Every generation must learn new things in order to stay relevant. In the very late 1800’s and early 1900’s it was the radio. That was the newest way for people to learn of what was happening in the world. WWI and WWII brought the radio into being a necessity in a big way!

Next was the age of television…while coming to life in the mid 1920’s, TV was not widely embraced for many years yet. I’m old enough to remember being one of the first families of my neighbourhood to have had a television. People thought we were snobs. [side note: our entire neighbourhood was called “snob hill” in my growing up years; to this day I really have no idea why. Perhaps it was because we were a little more urban than the farmers of town; not sure.] How wrong they were.

Between 1953 and 1955, television programming began to take some steps away from radio formats.

Gen X Social

And telecommunications, they were slightly before that of radio. I remember one of my Aunts having one of those rotary walls phones [gosh, I’m really aging myself today!]. Then the good old push button phone! When we got one of those we thought we were real high rollers! Almost thought ourselves to be snobs [kidding of course]!

The reality is that ever since the printing press, the evolution of communication has not stopped. It is increasing now, with new technologies, some I’ll personally never be able to understand, at light speed. We keep up, or become irrelevant, in my humble opinion. Not irrelevant as a human being, but irrelevant in that we don’t want to continue learning. To learn is to evolve, grow, change, become better.

The GOOD news is that a great deal of communication now occurs through social media. And because of this wonderful thing called the internet [yes, let’s stick to positives shall we … while there IS “fake news” and cyber bullying, I choose to believe that the internet is massively capable of creating much more good than harm] we can communicate with [mostly] the entire world in real time for almost zero cost or inconvenience to anyone.

My purpose for writing about this today is, being part of the 50 plus crowd myself, I GET the frustrations and misgivings of wanting to learn how to use social media properly, and well. These frustrations that so MANY feel are one of the main reasons why I created Gen X Social. Gen X Social is a social media training program specifically designed for people my age, and older. People who are finally deciding they want [and need] to learn how to communicate with the world that we live in, yet just don’t know where to start. I have FREQUENTLY talked with people who say things like “my granddaughter tried to teach me how to use Facebook, but it didn’t work” or “my neighbor’s kid tried to show me Instagram because they said it was like an online photo album, but I still don’t get it”. This is where I come in. I have personally been eyeball deep in social media for 10 years now, and love it more than ever. Knowing as much as I can about using social media well is one of my biggest passions in life; teaching it is another.

I have recently given some podcast interviews about social media for the 50 plusers. One is here and the other is here. If you’d like to give them a listen I think you’ll enjoy them!

If you’d like to learn more about what Gen X Social is about, get a free report that I’ve made for you, which will give you a real good taste of it, here.

In the end, we ALL need to learn new things as we grow, and our numbers get higher [that’s what I refer to as aging]. Learning has never been JUST for the young, but for the young at heart. I hope that means you.

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