How to Make Videos Using Adobe Spark

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This week I would like to offer a tutorial on how to create amazing videos, for whatever your purposes might be [not just social media marketing] using Adobe Spark.

Adobe Spark is an online platform for creating imagery and videos. I’ve been using it now for about a year and absolutely LOVE what I can create there.

Last December I hosted a 30 Day Creativity Challenge and at least half of what I taught and created came from Spark. If you are not using it yet, I highly recommend giving it a try.

Here is my step by step tutorial on how to make a video…

Mari Smith raves all about Adobe on her blog too, check that out here! If you don’t know who Mari Smith is, she’s been one of my mentors since the day I began my business, possibly even before that, and is known as THE Facebook Queen!

Some of my favourite features about Spark are:

  • the resize feature [this is for images, not videos]
  • adding really fun and interesting music to your videos OR being able to add your own
  • being able to voice-over while creating your video, right inside of the platform
  • These are just three random favourites about Spark. There are SO many more!

    I’ve got to say, there is only ONE thing I wish Spark would add, and that is the option to overlay a logo imagine. If this is possible, I haven’t yet discovered a way to do it easily. Because I think it’s important to brand as many social images [for myself and for my clients] as possible, what I often to is create the image in Spark then upload that into Canva and brand it there. I know it sounds labour-intensive, but it really is worth the extra minute or two it may take.

    As far as videos go however [which is the MAIN topic of this blog] I have NO complaints! I love the way they turn out and feel like I’m providing a great product on the outset.

    Here’s an example of one of my most recent ones…note the voiceover as well as the background music.

    I made this in under ten minutes! Adobe Spark gives social and online marketers everywhere the chance to uplevel their game with this awesome tool!

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