I Stopped Using Instantly Ageless

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I hope you enjoyed my little revelation! Seriously though, I actually RARELY use Instantly Ageless™ anymore, and that’s because … I DON’T NEED TO ANYMORE! Not really very often anyway! I mean, who’s kidding who, life is BUSY and sometimes I need that “pick me up” in the face from what Instantly Ageless™ can do, but it’s pretty rare!

I truly LOVE what Instantly Ageless™ does for people, but I’m going to be straight with you, I LOVE LUMINESCE™ MORE!! This anti-aging skin care line has changed my skin forever, and I’m HAPPY to grow old with it by my side!

I used to be one of those who never really cared for my skin. Noxzema was the skin care de jour when I was a teenager (to this DAY I can’t imagine why we wanted to put that white gooey MESS all over our face and considered it CLEAN?!) then as a young adult it turned to all kinds of other drug store products. Life hits hard sometimes, truthfully, as it did for me when my marriage fell apart and I was a single mom with barely enough to get by, then it was a routine of soap and water for a LONG time. I always managed to have some sort of moisturizer, but for the most part…I’m blessed (and very grateful) that my skin has turned out as well as it has. When I turned 50 however, my friends gave me this line of skin care and I’m SO thankful they did because it has TRULY been a game changer for me!

Do you want to see and feel and HAVE the best skin of your life…even if it’s the “second half” already? TRY LUMINESCE today!

With love & gratitude …

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