Come and join me on Thursday, May 19th 2016 at 7 PM (Pacific Time) for learning about Instagram for the online marketer.

This is an INSTRUCTIONAL WORKSHOP on how to use it for the Online Marketer; tips and strategies on how to “up-level” if you are already using it with no results.


BONUS: Every SUCCESSFUL registrant (paid) gets a copy of the presentation as well as a copy of the recording.

INSTAGRAM is imperative for today’s successful online marketer. With…

  • 400 MILLION monthly active users
  • HIGHLY engaged audience (as compared to some others we know & love)
  • 16% AVERAGE monthly follower increase
  • “With 70 percent of users coming from outside the U.S., Instagram, not unlike its parent company Facebook, is becoming one of the first social tools new social media users turn to across the world.”

These, are so many more reasons, are why you need to not only learn to love INSTAGRAM but learn to thrive at INSTAGRAM.

This 90 minute class will cover:

  • optimizing your bio
  • hashtag strategy
  • how to create the “perfect” image to share
  • how to connect with users & INFLUENCERS

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