Instagram Stories and Twitter LIVE Updates

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So much is happening in social media; Instagram Stories LIVE and Twitter LIVE updates, as well as some Snapchat updates. Trust me I’m probably not even touching on all of the latest updates, but these are the ones that are really standing out to me that I intend on using and learning so that i can in turn teach you!

I hope that you are already on all of these platforms that I mention in this video, but if not, stay tuned to the end of the video as I have something really exciting to tell you about!

So, with Instagram Stories you can now go LIVE! Just like you are getting used to Facebook LIVE, where somebody comes on and does a live broadcast, that same thing happens now in Instagram Stories! The big difference with Instagram Stories is that once the broadcaster is finished, the broadcast goes away. The only alternative to having a recording of the Instagram Stories LIVE is if you record yourself creating it from an outside source. If you’re not already building a loyal following on Instagram this is something that you’re going to want to ramp up in 2017 because grabbing their attention with that LIVE on demand style video broadcast is just amazing for marketers! Relatable Stories is one of your keys to 2017 social media marketing success!

Twitter LIVE is here as well!

Twitter LIVE

Simply push the LIVE button and start connecting with your audience! Truth time, I haven’t tried this yet, but I think this could potentially be a GREAT way to GROW your Twitter audience quite quickly, if you don’t have a very large following yet.

Now, for my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT…the one I mentioned in my video!

I am launching my very first product! It is a social media training, coaching and mentorship program SPECIFICALLY designed for Gen Xers and Baby Boomers who really WANT to learn and use social media, but are just having a little bit of a hard time either learning it from their family and friends, or just have nobody to teach them. This is for them! I am so excited to be “soft launching” at a very affordable price!

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