Interview About Social Media with Rob Anspach

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I had the sincere pleasure to have been interviewed by Rob Anspach; author, speaker, social media specialist and influencer. Rob and I met on social media several years ago, and have always stayed in touch. It wasn’t until Snapchat that Rob and I really connected.

Rob and I talked about doing this interview after he told me about his books, 2 in particular, “Lessons from the Dojo” and “Share 27 Ways“.

I encourage you read them both, and ALL his work; he’s great!

Without further adieu, here is the interview:

Rob and I had so many great stories and social media strategies to swap and share! It’s always so much fun talking with like-minded colleagues! We have essentially been at this (being social media specialists) for about the same amount of time; on very different paths though. His focus is more of the professionals and my focus is more on individuals and teaching them the way. Visit to see what I mean.

Rob can be reached on his website here and on Facebook here. Seeing as he openly admitted to not loving Twitter I won’t throw you THAT bone, but you can always Tweet with ME! :) I do still like to connect quite regularly on that platform, as well as all the others (which you can grab on the far right hand side of this blog post).

We hope you enjoyed this interview about all things social media. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, or connect on social, I’d love to meet you and help where I can!

2 Replies to “Interview About Social Media with Rob Anspach”

  1. It was such an honor to interview you. Yes, I admit not a fan of Twitter, but if you follow me @robanspach I do post occasionally and by occasionally I mean don’t hold your breath waiting for me to post…that would be bad! But if you mention me I will be alerted and like Pavlov’s dog will come running and will post a reply.

    As a friend of Lorri I invite you to join my Facebook Group called “The Business Dojo” where I teach the art and discipline of being a better entrepreneur.

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