Knowing When to Make a Change

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It’s not always easy you know knowing when to make a  change. Even if you feel it way down deep in your gut that it is time to, or you need to, make a change, it is still something that is almost always either far or WAY far out of your comfort zone!

Change, knowing when to and then how to deal with it; always a pertinent topic as seriously, who isn’t dealing with SOME sort of change in their lives at any given point.  There are job changes, relationship changes, address changes, financial changes, changes because of people passing away … those are just the basic types of changes.  Often we have no control over change either, so then what?  How do you manage?  How do you cope?

Here is my latest video; my thoughts on how to deal with change.  Now, I know I come back to a fairly common theme at the end of this video, but hey, I do so to make a point … what I talk about are not my theories, but those of tried tested and true personal development and thought leaders of our generation and generations before us, providing philosophical guarantees if we approach them properly!

I realize I didn’t talk that much in the video about knowing when to make a change; however, I truly feel that that is such a personal and individual thing, I’m not about to sit here and write that you should change your relationship “here” or quit your job “there”.  Your GUT, your instincts and your better judgement I believe will tell you everything you need to know about the timing that is right for you!

In the end I encourage you to stay strong, resilient and embrace the change that is upon you or most certainly coming your way!

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