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choicessmI spent the evening yesterday learning about Mindset for Success with a large group of entrepreneurs in Vancouver, BC. The speaker for the evening was John Nieuwenburg of W5Coaching.com.

John and I met months ago when presenting together at a BNI event, and we’ve stayed in touch ever since!  That’s the beauty of networking, finding colleagues to work with and some even become friends!

So here is John, doing what he does best, teaching us and training us how to have a Mindset for Success, in our businesses and life in general!

Some of the best topics he talked about were our self-limiting beliefs, what they mean and where they come from; our values; the choices we make (he talks about that a little bit in the video that you just watched).  One of my favorite lines that he said was [tweetherder text=”successful people chose their response”]”successful people chose their response”[/tweetherder].  I talk a LOT about choices and that when it comes down to it really EVERYTHING is a choice, and when we chose to respond a certain way that could either truly make us or break us.

John is great, he has a really great blog as well so please feel free to visit him over at www.w5coaching.com.  I know you will find value in learning more about him!

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