How to Know When the Time is Right

How to know when the time is right, because timing really IS everything!  That’s so cliché, isn’t it?  But, it’s SO true!!

Have you ever wondered about the timing of things, especially AFTER the fact?  I know I have in the past, but now, more and more as I begin my #journeyto50 I think about things before hand as my intuition has really kicked up a notch, or ten!!

I’ve got a funny story to share with you about timing and how to know when the time is right … enjoy!

Now, I can just hear you … “Lorri, it’s JUST a kitty cat!”.  True, just a cat … BUT, the fact is, I was not [still am not] ready!!  So many times in my life I’ve jumped into the deep end, not know, not prepared, and there have been several times that I really WISH I would have thought things out a little better first, prepared, listened to my intuition!!  This time, I listened!

[tweetherder text=”sometimes in life, no matter how much we think we want something or how much we believe it’s meant to happen we’re not ready for it”] Sometimes in life, no matter how much we think we want something or how much we believe it’s meant to happen we’re not ready for it[/tweetherder].  We haven’t made room for it in our hearts or in our minds or physically in our homes to have that THING, whatever it is, move in and join us in our life.  That’s a really important lesson to learn because yes, there is something to be said about being spontaneous and going after what it is that you want but you have to still be prepared.

Have you ever had a time when you just KNEW the time wasn’t right? I’d love to hear your stories either in the comments below, or feel free to share over on Facebook!

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Unglamorous Yet Profound

I wish these were my words, because they are just so JUICY!! Unglamorous yet profound [spoken by my new friend Joui] instantly clicked with me! Doesn’t that just make you mentally salivate? :D I attended, for the very first time, an extremely intense yet FABULOUS mastermind group meeting on Tuesday and oh my GOSH was it amazing!!

I’m going to share some of the lessons I learned and am putting into action from it in some upcoming blogs, but want to share this video first on the whole unglamorous yet profound statement …

Don’t you just love it? I mean, [tweetherder text=”unglamorous=hard work, tenacity, confidence, drive and profound=achievement, I DID IT, pride”]what better way to describe the journey … unglamorous = hard work, tenacity, confidence, drive, passion and profound = achievement, conquering, I DID IT, pride[/tweetherder]. These are my thoughts anyway.

What are your thoughts of your own journey to success? Are you there yet? Have you achieved all you want to achieve? Is your method of getting there something to be proud of?

We ALL have a journey to fulfill … whether it be entrepreneurial or not. Life is life, life is what you make it, life IS a journey! What will YOU say when you reach your destination?

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Life Lessons from a Tight Rope Walker

I just ran across something this morning that has really moved me into deeper and more awesome thoughts ;) (those are the best kind, aren’t they?) … tight rope walker Nik Wallenda walked on a tight rope across the Grand Canyon last night, and although I did not see it live I have found some footage from an interview with him from just prior to this grand (oops, pardon the pun) event!

Nik Wallenda, known as “The King of the High Wire,” had some of these juicy (life lesson) tidbits to say about the life of being a tight rope walker.

Nik quoted his great-grandfather as saying: “life is on the wire and everything else is just waiting”. I like this idea … truly living in the moment, not allowing yourself to get carried away by the ups and downs of life’s journey.

Here’s a few more; “we don’t wear safety’s, we just don’t do that”; “it gives a false sense of security”; “if you rely on the tether, chances are you will fall”.

There’s definitely truth to this … focusing on ANYTHING brings it about. Life lesson: focusing on the safety straps and the nets and the harnesses of life will most certainly cause you to stumble, fall or even perish (in a manner of speaking).

One last morsel that really stayed on my pallet; [tweetherder text=”maintain the respect or else you can become complacent, and that is a very dangerous place to be”]”maintain the respect or else you can become complacent, and that is a very dangerous place to be”[/tweetherder]. I love this because I’ve always tried to live a very passionate life, doing things I love, not really caring what others think (although, I’m not going to lie, that one still is a challenge from time to time), expressing myself, showing emotion. Complacency and mediocrity are my biggest enemies, and the MOMENT I feel them creeping into my world I do something about them; I take out the fly-swatter of life and give them a solid wack across the chin!

wack across the chin

All that being said, why not listen in for yourself:

What did you take away from this interview? Was it juicy for you too? Share in the comments below your best take-away from “Life Lessons from a Tight Rope Walker”!

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Mindset for Success

choicessmI spent the evening yesterday learning about Mindset for Success with a large group of entrepreneurs in Vancouver, BC. The speaker for the evening was John Nieuwenburg of

John and I met months ago when presenting together at a BNI event, and we’ve stayed in touch ever since!  That’s the beauty of networking, finding colleagues to work with and some even become friends!

So here is John, doing what he does best, teaching us and training us how to have a Mindset for Success, in our businesses and life in general!

Some of the best topics he talked about were our self-limiting beliefs, what they mean and where they come from; our values; the choices we make (he talks about that a little bit in the video that you just watched).  One of my favorite lines that he said was [tweetherder text=”successful people chose their response”]”successful people chose their response”[/tweetherder].  I talk a LOT about choices and that when it comes down to it really EVERYTHING is a choice, and when we chose to respond a certain way that could either truly make us or break us.

John is great, he has a really great blog as well so please feel free to visit him over at  I know you will find value in learning more about him!

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Procrastination Really Doesn’t Serve ANYONE

Procrastination really doesn’t serve anyone … especially YOU!  I made this quick video as an intro to what I really wanted you to hear, which are some incredibly wise words from Dani Johnson.

Without further delay, read on about procrastination …

“I want to share a quick tip with you today that I believe can help you in every area of your life. There was a study about procrastination that I came across last year, and it really amazed me. I hear of so many people who struggle with this issue, but there is a simple way to overcome it.

According to the University of Calgary, 1 in 4 people are chronic procrastinators. Whether it’s a student pulling an all-nighter to cram for a test, an employee waiting until the last minute to complete a project at work, or a mom putting off the laundry until she is surrounded by mountains of dirty clothes, procrastination can get the best of you if you don’t learn how to deal with it.

That’s why I want to share this quick message with you today, . I’m sure you never deal with procrastination yourself, but if the statistic is true and 1 in 4 people are actually chronic procrastinators, that means you know a lot of people who could benefit from this.

It’s easy to make excuses and create distractions for ourselves instead of doing what really needs to be done. But the reality is, procrastination causes stress, anxiety, fear, unbelief, and pressure. Procrastination does not lead to success! The only way to beat procrastination is to take action now (not later)!

Procrastination will keep you from getting a promotion in your career. It will keep you from building your business. It will keep you from paying off your debt. It will keep you from going on your dream vacation. It will keep you stuck.

Procrastination comes from indecision, lack of vision, and lack of focus. But , there is so much power in decision. When you make a decision and follow it up with action, that is when success happens. Decision and action leave no room for procrastination.

We live in a world that is filled with all kinds of distractions. As if procrastination was not a big enough issue, we have all these distractions like Facebook, email, and cell phones that are begging for your time and attention. And if you don’t direct your time, it will get sucked up into other places.

When we are distracted, we begin to feel overwhelmed by the tasks that are in front of us, but instead of pushing ahead and doing what needs to be done, guess what 98% of the population does! They procrastinate! They put themselves into this endless cycle of distraction, procrastination, and stress.

It’s time to break they cycle by taking action today!”

I made my decision to eliminate procrastination from my life!! Enough is enough … and DANG does it feel great!!

If I can help you with YOUR procrastination elimination LET ME KNOW!! That’s what friends are for!

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