Selling Through Storytelling Masterclass Abbotsford

Selling Through Storytelling”  Masterclass

WHY should you be on Snapchat and going LIVE on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to tell your story?



The why’s:

  • why your story is important to share and
  • why you need platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram Stories and Facebook LIVE to sell using social media today
  • why branding is important, even in snaps and stories
  • why staying on top of the feed is important

The how’s:

  • how to connect with the RIGHT people & …
  • how to get them to notice you
  • how to manage and master every element from Setup to Content to Communication to Community to Closing
  • how to tap into your creativity in a HUGE way

The techy stuff:

  • Saving your snaps and stories for repurposing
  • Where to repurpose your stories and how to make them not LOOK repurposed

LUNCH (included in price)

You also will have lifetime access to a Secret Facebook Support Group after the class is over.

The next class is TBD