Snapchat How To’s for 2017

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Today we’re going to talk about snapchat and some recent updates. There have been some updates to Snapchat and there were a few people [in my circles] who felt lost and asked me to please make a video, so I said sure.

Some of the updates include:

  • A change to the “ghost” and where you find your settings
  • Discovery has some slight changes
  • Chat groups (I don’t really talk much about that, but refer to this video and you’ll learn lots there!)

So… [my video transcript for those that can’t watch the video]

“…right here when you tap on my bitmoji face that’s the new version of what used to be the ghost in the middle. I’m just going to tap on my face [which is weird] and here you come to the main settings screen. So as you can see you can edit your bitmoji now right from this place, which I don’t want to at the moment. The main settings are still at the gear wheel [top right corner]. Here’s something not a lot of people know about and that’s clearing cache function. You can see I’ve scrolled right down to the bottom to get to it. A lot of people have memory card issues using Snapchat so when you clear the cache that just clears out some of the stuff that’s being held in your memory that you don’t necessarily need anymore. That’s one of the biggest changes, this bitmoji here on the left as opposed to the ghost that used to be in the middle. I’m just going to take my stylus here and swipe right and those are the messages, that hasn’t changed, and swiping to the left here’s your stories, and then discovery is one step further. So that’s changed a little bit. Somebody asked me how to send a picture or a video here in chat so I’m just going to click on the big record button, I’m not going to actually send anything, but I’m going to click on my friends Andrew and Pete and all you do is tap on the little icon that shows a picture, here in the bottom left, and then your photo gallery opens up. You can simply tap on that icon and you would hit this little send button here in the bottom and send. If you want to send a video simply tap on the record button here in the middle and then just hit record like normal, you get a 10-second window of opportunity to say something in private that you would like to say and then hit send. I’m not going to this is just for example purposes only. This is the main screen, that hasn’t changed, swiping right, here are my messages, swipe left are your stories and your discovery. The only real difference is that the bitmoji icon is now how you get to your main settings…”

Do you use snapchat? If we are not yet connected go ahead and connect; my snapchat username is lorriratzlaff. I’d love to see what you are up to! I do love to tell my daily stories on Snapchat; it’s different than everywhere else too, so you might be missing out on some juicy details! You’ll never know until you come and watch!

Should you be 50 and older and in need of some social media help remember that Gen X Social is now live! I would love to see you over there! The link is right here. Gen X Social is a specially made social media training and mentorship program for the Gen Xers and the Baby Boomers of the world; so if it is not you, perhaps it is somebody that you know that needs that extra special attention. Gen X Social is already reaching out to people across N. America and has reached Italy as well! Soon, the world!

I’m looking forward to seeing you on Snapchat, and do let me know in the comments below if you have any further questions.

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