Story Should be the Priority

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I am reading Lilly Singh’s new book “How to be a Bawse” and, in my plight to ensure that those who hear my voice know the importance of using YOUR voice and not that of “Don Draper”, for your social media marketing, came across yet another WIN … someone who agrees with me on story over selling. Lilly says “The story should be the priority first and foremost” … her context is slightly different than my intent here; hers was surrounding an epic video shoot she did where some things went wrong and the videographer (from a different company, not someone on her team) was more concerned about the mic booms rather than the story those mics were picking up (my paraphrase).

Take this image, as an example, and I’m slightly overcompensating here as well, but check it out…which image would base your decision on buying the most perfect cup of coffee; the woman in her perfectly polished coffee set or the hiker who is rewarding himself after a great climb and drinking out of a thermos cap? To me this SCREAMS the differences between what we now call traditional advertising and story selling (aka social selling).

More and more the general public is trusting the story, the REAL story (in the form of Snaps and Instagram Stories and Facebook Lives), over the billboard. The “buy it because I said so” or “buy it because our company has been around forever” story is no longer as effective as it once was. Social people want the social proof and engagement; yes, even from the BIG companies, before they’ll even CONSIDER your product or service.

The choice is yours; traditional (tv, radio, newspaper, magazine, billboard, direct mail) advertising or story-selling. Have you even begun comparing numbers? If you haven’t, you should.

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