What is the Value of a Life

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Recently I chatted with someone who is dealing with an ill and aging father. He is considering documenting, using social media, the journey of the particular path of alzheimer’s that his father is on, in hopes of not only finding people who are traveling similar paths, but also in hopes of potentially offering some guidance and insight into those who will, in future, consume his stories. Of course I encouraged him to do just that as this idea of sharing one’s story is one of the main reasons why Rob Anspach and I wrote “No Experience Necessary! Social Media for the Boomer, Gen X-er and the Over 50 Entrepreneur”.

My friend and I then ventured into talking about “death care”. He said he doesn’t call it health care anymore (for his personal situation). This in particular led me to my thoughts on what is the value of life. The value of death is huge … apparently it’s a multi-trillion dollar industry. There are massive expenses once someone passes. Both of my parents have passed, and thankfully someone else in the family was in charge of knowing what to do when the time came as I was a mess. Suffice to say; there were funeral costs and other costs that I was in too much of a fog to even remotely understand.

Here is my question though; what if someone can’t afford the cost of death? Does that make he or she any less valuable in their lifetime? Does that make their family, their history, their stories any less important or relevant?

I emphatically say NO. One’s life is invaluable … you cannot place a value on it whether or not the most ornate of caskets is part of the funeral procession. A life is a life. In my humble opinion, unless you live your life intentionally trying to hurt people and damage other people’s lives, we are all of the highest value and should be adorned, adored and treated such.

Stories need to be documented…this puts us all on the same playing field. One story is no more valuable than the other. Wait, I take that back, the story that goes to the grave is worth far more, as it will never be known. What else puts us on the same level is that the method of sharing is free, and available to everyone … social media.

My paternal grandmother took some stories with her to the grave; ones I wish I knew. She was a divorced woman in a time when divorce was vehemently frowned upon. How did she survive the judgmental looks, and who knows what else? Even I, being divorced in the 1990’s, could barely handle it. I wanted and needed to draw on her experience, but it was nowhere to be found. That made it harder; honestly.

These, among others, are reasons why Rob and I wrote this book. We want you to come away with the confidence and tools to share your story, because truly, future generations WILL depend on it.

Pre-ordering is now taking place; you can order the Kindle version for as low as 99 cents (that price will go up once the book officially launches on May 5, 2017).

Share your story with confidence…it matters.


No Experience Necessary

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